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Sep 10, 2009 06:50 PM

Best Place to Buy Scallops in New Orleans?

My wife and I enjoy cooking fresh scallops and to date have only come to trust those procured at Whole Foods. Any suggestions on where else we can.

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  1. WF is my choice as well.

    1. I have been trying to find the very best place to buy fresh fish - especially LOCAL LA.

      Hoping to hear about that in your thread.

      Whole Foods is just so grossly overpriced and they have few local choices - bought some local drum there and it was good but that was the only choice.

      Forget Roberts - everything as far away as Vietnam. Makes me so mad that it's cheaper to ship across the world than sell from here.

      We need to promote and support local

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        Call Harlan Pierce..he's been in the business as long as I can remember...I haven't seen his trucks around--or him for that matter-- lately but someone in the business will know where he is. Then, too, you could always gop down to the docks at 0400hrs and pick a truck to follow, as a college friend used to do. Once, though, he woke up (at about 6:30) to the fact that the shrimp truck he was following was heading North, probably to Maryland (where I had spectacular Louisiana shrimp one time).

        1. re: Ambiance

          Widest selection of local fresh fish is at Hong Kong Market in Gretna, on Behrman Highway. Yellowfin tuna ($8.99/lb), pompano, snapper, cobia, grouper, live carp & catfish, live crabs...

          1. re: Ambiance

            Westwego Seafood Market
            Vietnamese Farmers Market
            both have local fisherman bringing in fresh local seafood.
            bring an ice chest

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              Where is the VietnameseFarmers market and when is it open?

          2. Is there anywhere decent near Uptown? How about Rouse's? I have been wondering this same thing.

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              I'm not as picky as OP about my greens, but I find that the Mid-City Rouses has a much better selection of greens than the Tchoupitoulas Rouses. In fact they have a pretty great produce section. But of course the real draw is the walk in beer cooler.