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Sep 10, 2009 05:58 PM

15 teens, 2 adults and a 16th birthday celebration- without breaking the bank!

I am looking for a casual place to bring a group of teens to eat and celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday. We will be taking the ferry from Hinghan and looking for someplace nearby. I am thinking that cost-wise, good pizza for all will be the best choice (plus there ARE teens and pizza would be the food of choice). Where can we go that has a good environment and good pizza? I appreciate all suggestions!
If you know any places for teens to hang out after pizza that would be nice too (not food related but thought I'd ask)

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  1. PICCO (stands for Pizza and Ice Cream Co) in the South End isn't the cheapest but has a wider menu than most pizza places, a patio, a liquor license for the grownups, and home-made ice cream. Perhaps an ice cream cake could be arranged.

    1. Do you like chinese food? How about a place in chinatown? (bigger ones, like East Ocean City or New jumbo Seafood)

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        My thoughts about dim sum at Chau Chow City? Bustling atmosphere (good for teens) and everyone gets to choose what they want/don't want from the carts. Can easily accomodate a large group.

      2. if i recall correctly, the ferry lets you off at rowe's wharf? an easy walk to the north end, for the original regina's or antico forno.

        might be nice for cannoli or pastry after, at modern or maria's.