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Sep 10, 2009 05:57 PM

December Food Recommendations for Central Europe: Krakow, Warsaw, Zagreb, Postojna caves, Ljubljana, Bled, Graz, Cesky Krumlov and Prague?

Heyoes all,

I'm an Singaporean foodie and amateur photographer traveling to the above mentioned places with my family on a group tour. I hope to be able to enjoy excellent Central European food at the places we're visiting...

We'll be touring in December, from the 6th of December to 18th of December. I'm actually quite excited about sampling the fare in Europe, had a taste of perogies (is that how you spell it?) in Toronto when I was there on exchange before, quite enjoyed it. If anyone has recommendations on excellent local food (do include a general description for this ignorant Singaporean) and where to have it would be excellent! Preferably (though not limited. i will travel for extra-ordinary food :D) within the old town areas but not too exorbitant, although when I find out what area we will be staying in, I'll be posting closer to the dates. I am hoping to avoid Chinese/Asian/Italian/Spanish food as it's Eastern Europe and I can't find the cuisine here back home... But general recommendations of good typical food is also welcomed!

Lastly, I've heard a lot about the Christmas Markets in Europe and I was wondering if the food served at the different markets in different cities would differ greatly (eg would the food in Prague's market be very different from Warsaw's) and what particular dishes would you suggest I look out for?

Thanks in advance for any help offered! Apologies if I'm asking so many questions and being so fussy. Will be checking back often and most certainly looking forward to eating and shooting my way through all these cities :)

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  1. Not sure how much time you will have to go exploring.....

    In Krakow I have two places to avoid, and one rec. Both places to avoid are somewhat tourist traps: Chlopskie Jadlo and Klezmer Hois. CJ is a peasant-themed restaurant (with more than one location) that gets recommended a lot. Food is typical of krakow's Malapolska region, but below average. KH is in Kazimierz, the former Jewish Quarter. Very expensive for Poland, with a large menu. They try hard, but don't expect the food to be outstanding or even good.

    Better food is around the corner in Kazimierz. Go through the front garden of KH from u. Seroka (the street with many tourist cafes) , and you'll find a busy street. Take a right, and you'll see a sign for Restauracja Galicia, close to the tourist street but just far enough away for a more neighborhood feel. Very good lunch specials.

    1. I am not sure when the Xmas markets start. But if you are interested in the food at these Xmas markets, you are missing out the best one in the region - in Bratislava.
      In Prague, the food at the Xmas market is pretty much uniform. Just choose the stall with the most people there. I am sure that pretty much everywhere you will get better food than at Prague's Xmas market.

      I would recommend V Zatisi for a fancy dinner and the chain Potrefena Husa (or U Potrefene Husy) for light meal with beer or for lunch. You can find some other recommendations I have made in this post:

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        Good locals in Ljubljana - Pri Skofu and Gostlina Sokol

        In Radovljica, a 10 minute drive south of Bled - Gostlina Lectar