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Sep 10, 2009 04:46 PM

Koreatown restaurant names and the search for an awesome pork belly

Many people call the restaurant on 8th and Kingsley "Honey Pig", but my wife says the real name of the restaurant is "Oink Pig". To further her claim, the new restaurant that opened across the street translates to "Moo-Cow" . Does anyone know the correct translation of this restaurant name? And the ironic part is that the BEEF dishes at Honey/Oink Pig taste better to me than the pork dishes, and the BEEF dishes at Honey/Oink Pig taste better than the beef dishes at Moo-Cow. Most people go to Honey/Oink Pig for the pork belly, but I don't really like it. Is there a better place for me to fall in love with pork belly?

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  1. Get thee to Park's BBQ

    The Tokyo X pork belly is a thing of sublime beauty -- both visually and on the palate.

    1. Re Honey Pig: that restaurant's Korean name transliterated is roughly ggool dwe ji. dwe ji is pig. ggool has 2 meanings in Korean: honey and an onomatopoeic word whose English equivalent is oink. But, in onomatopoeic usage, you would never only say ggool once, but at least twice, ggool ggool, or most often, three times: ggool ggool ggool!

      however, when you put them together: ggool dwe ji - I think the most practical (though not so literal) translation would be "fat pig." "ggool" has a FAT connotation: eg, "ggool ggool e" is a childish slang for a fat person - English equivalent of "fatty" or "tubby." But "ggool" by itself is not a word meaning fat, if that makes any sense.

      so there you go, I just added a 3rd translation for the restaurant. but I'd say go ahead and keep calling it Honey Pig since that's what the proprietor prefers. that was probably way more korean than you ever wanted to know.

      Anyway, I haven't been there or the one across the street. try Ham Ji Pak on 6th for pork belly

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        I love Ham Ji Park's pork ribs and Pork Neck Potato Soup but never thought the pork belly was anything special. Agree with Ipsiedixit abot Parks. Also, at Mapo House on 6th I just had a fantastic "dae ji bugogi" AKA (spicy marinated pork). This one was really different inthat it had great pork belly with and rice cakes. Really good.

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          I agree wholeheartedly. Ham Ji Park is fantastic for pork neck but the Tokyo X is where it's at, and where it's at is Park's.

      2. Not exactly in K-town, but the pork belly at the new MarcheLA in Sherman Oaks is reallllly tasty. Not a big portion, but oh-so-porky in the best of ways.
        Formerly Max, on Ventura just east of Dixie Canyon.

        1. I like Honey Pig, but the Tokyo X at Park's is the best. No contest.

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            thanks, all. I will try to persuade my wife to eat the Tokyo X at Park's the next time that we go. Normally, at Park's we eat the kal bi tang because she says it's the best in So Cal, and my family all devours it.