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Sep 10, 2009 04:41 PM

New Orleans - 3 Days - 9 Meals suggestions?

How does this look?

Friday (Arrival around 10:30am)
Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde
Lunch at Napoleon House...though open to another lunch spot (can always do Nap. House for drinks later)
Dinner at Bayona - 7:30pm

Breakfast at Mother's
Lunch at Commanders Palace - 12:30pm
Dinner at Restaurant August - 7pm

Open to Sunday Brunch ideas....
Trying to slip in Acme Oyster House for a late lunch somewhere
Dinner - considering GW Fins or Stella!

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  1. Friday lunch i would do Parkway Bakery, awesome poboys. Napoleon House is a cool place, but I thought the food was mediocre at best. Mother's highly overrated, food is not good, I suggest Stanley's! Sunday Brunch I would do Commander's or Elizabeth's. Sunday dinner without a doubt, Stella's!

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    1. re: Bayareafoodiei

      I totally agree with Bayareafoodiei - avoid Mothers. It's all hype and short on the delivery.
      A friend recently visited and I warned her not to go to Mothers, but she went anyway. I got a week later and she said it was the worst experience fo the trip...cold food, terrible and rude service, and the "bloody mary" made her almost ill.

      There is breakfast a Luke or Stanley that will be much better. I had the shrimp and grits at Luke and I wasn't thrilled with it, but everything else was quite good.

      1. re: Bayareafoodiei

        i also agree... elizabeth's is great for brunch.. amazing food and a funky, cool, weird vibe that is exactly new orleans. i had a special there last sunday- cornmeal waffles topped with a sweet potatoe puree, pepper jelly, and shredded duck. unbelievable!

      2. Hope you have a great trip. Skip Mother's, nothing special. Try Elizabeth's in the Marigny for Breakfast. The praline bacon is YUMMY!, You can also try Stanley in the quarter for breakfast, a few weeks ago I had the soft shell crab poboy- perfect.
        I'd also skip Acme. I personally love the oysters at Bourbon House, they are really nice and cold. August is awesome but expect to drop some serious cash. Try the oysters with blue cheese and bacon (appetizer). Bayona and Fins are great choices. You may also want to add Muriels for the goat cheese crepe and Arnaud's for the turtle soup.

        Have Fun!

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        1. re: cookbooknola

          i understand why people don't like mother's, but i like it. is it amazing food? no. but it's solid diner food, and i happen to have found the service very friendly.

          elizabeths made a great breakfast (pralined bacon!!!!) but be prepared to wait quite a while for a table.

          stanley was right by jackson square right? i hd a good breakfast there as well, a bit pricey, but solid.
          I liked the oysters at acme, but can't say i've explored other places.

          1. re: cookbooknola

            Elizabeth's great choice - you'll have to take a cab -very cool. loved the grillades and grits. not that crazy about the shrimp and grits.

            1. re: Ambiance

              we walked there from the french quarter. long walk but not undoable. if i didnt have a poetry reading to give that afternoon i probably would have walked back too

                1. re: Bayareafoodiei

                  as a NYer i am not adverse to walking anyway

          2. Bayona has been getting some very mixed reviews on here lately. Consider the Pelican Club instead.

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            1. re: kukubura

              Pelican Club over Bayona? Kukubura, sorry, I'm going to have to disagree here. Bayona is wonderful. One of my favorite places in the quarter. I was hesitatant the first time, but once I went all the doubts were gone. They have the best sweet breads I've eaver had. They service is professional, prompt and the courtyard is beautiful.

              1. re: FoodChic

                Sounds good. I just got the impression on here that Bayona was slipping recently so I just threw that out there, but if I'm wrong then forget it!

                1. re: kukubura

                  Try it next time you go down. If you don't like it I buy two paintings!

                  1. re: kukubura

                    I ate at Bayona last month and the food is still fantastic. As it was August, the courtyard was closed, so we had to sit inside. I found the decor to be rather dated. The service, though not terrible, was pedestrian. I'd still recommend it, especially during the cooler months when the courtyard is open.

                    1. re: BayouTeche

                      I think with the service at Bayona, as with nearly anyplace, it depends on who you get and what kind of day they're having. I've had wonderful service there as well as so-so service.

                      As to the mixed reviews, I think there were one or maybe two reviews on here from people who had a less than stellar experience. If everyone who had a good to great meal there posted a review, the board would become overrun with Bayona raves. It's the old service industry adage at work - you have a good experience you tell one person, you have a bad one and you tell everyone you know.

                      1. re: uptownlibrarian

                        I agree. I've had great service at Bayona in the past. It was just that the waitress we had that night would have been more suited to an Olive Garden, than at what may be considered one of the top 10 restaurants in a restaurant town. As I said, I'd still recommend it nonetheless.

                  2. re: FoodChic

                    My complaint about Bayona - nothing "sounds" good on the menu. Sure this has happened to you before, right? It just seems so limited. And, although I am a real foodie - just can't get to the point where I will eat game - just creeps me out. Fish entre sounded quite boring - especially when other places produce extremely tasty sauces and accoutrements.

                2. can't say I've ever had CDM for actual brekkie, as it's usually a very late night stop. warning: do not wear black there, as you are sure to leave covered in some powdered sugar, as it should be. enjoy!
                  if you find yourself in need of a snack, belly up to the bar at Mr. B's for some Gumbo Ya-Ya and/or BBQ shrimp. then head across the street to take a spin at the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone. also enjoy the Desire Oyster Bar at the Royal Sonesta.

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                  1. re: edible complex

                    Gumbo Ya-Ya....the thing of which my dreams are made!

                    1. re: edible complex

                      I had a total Annie Hall experience at CDM years ago where I suddenly and without warning (to me) sneezed into a plate of beignets. You can imagine what happened!

                      1. re: kukubura

                        yep, I left there once w/ geisha makeup.

                    2. Emeril 's for Fri. lunch, 3 courses $19.50. IMO much better than any po boy. Perhaps Coquette or Casamentos for Sat. lunch. CP for Sun. brunch.

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                      1. re: JazzyB

                        Agree, avoid Mother's, and IMO, Mr B's is barely mediocre....
                        I doubt you'll be able to fit all those meals in, you'll be way too full! Have fun...

                        Friday go to the Bon Ton for lunch, Great choice! Classic in the best way possible...IMO