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Sep 10, 2009 04:31 PM

Inexpensive wedding cake or wedding cupcakes

Getting married in October and need to find a bakery that will offer a wedding cake or wedding cupcakes at an inexpensive price while maintaining quality. And I'm so sad Sensational Cupcakes in Saugus closed... :(

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  1. what does "inexpensive" mean to you?

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      1. re: Danielle11

        For how many people? What price per cupcake are you looking for?

    1. My wife and I had cupcakes from Sugar in West Roxbury at our wedding. Very reasonable!

      1. I bet Cosco would be just fine. While it's not icing on the cake it will probably do just fine and keep well within your budget. I think Cocso has excellent products. Budget weddings are very in right now.

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        1. re: macadamianut

          Someone else suggested Cosco. I'm going to give them a try

        2. I got married 2 years ago and was shocked to discover how expensive wedding cakes could be. We were very happy with Icing On the Cake in Newton ( and found them to be the most affordable in the Boston area at about $2 a slice. Our cake was so delicious (unfortunately for us) that people had seconds and there wasn't any left over after the reception.

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          1. re: sailorblue

            Second this. Our cake came from there. It was delicious, attractive and we received many compliments on how good it was.

            One thing to note, they don't do fondant covered cakes (the website explains why).

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              I always think that by the time dessert is served people are off dancing and having a good time- a lot of people don't even eat it. What about something smaller like cookies, ice cream sundays or sandwiches, a chocolate fondue thing.... If the pictures of cutting the cake aren't important to you then do your own thing! We did Ben and Jerry's sundays at my wedding last year and it was a huge hit and I didn't miss the cake cutting thing at all.

              1. re: MParente

                We had a cake but we also had a dessert table with petit fours, seasonal fruit turnovers, some chocolate desserts, that kind of thing. Frankly that's where everyone headed and not to the cake.

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                  That's a really cute idea!! That's why we were thinking of cupcakes because we're not traditional and are having a low cost wedding. Did you buy the sundays from a particular store?

                  1. re: Danielle11

                    Danielle, I just saw your follow up question- if you call the Ben and Jerrys on Newbury they should be able to quote a price for you. Ask for Jason Sweeney- he is the owner or Ryan is the manager. They did an amazing job- provided whipped cream, ice cream and brownies for sundays. You could probably just get tubs of ice cream from them and the get everything else at Costco for real savings. Good luck!!!

              2. Is this what you had in mind?