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Sep 10, 2009 04:15 PM

Boston farmers markets on Saturday?

Sorry for the last-minute query, but I'm coming into Boston tomorrow afternoon for business, and would sure like to hit a Saturday farmers market. I won't have a car, but will be staying in Copley Place and am fine with taking the T.

I did a search and found that there's a Friday afternoon market at Copley Square, but I don't expect to get there till 4:30 or 5, and I wouldn't think there'd be much left by then. I did read about the Saturday AM one at Haymarket, but it doesn't sound especially appealing (lots of talk about second-rate produce, etc). Any other suggestions? I'm only free Saturday, BTW.

If Haymarket ends up being the only choice, any recommendations for food stands at Faneuil Hall, while I'm in the neighborhood?


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  1. should still have good amount by 4:30 to 5. otherwise, Waltham 's is on Sat.kind of a hike to get to.

    1. checking I see a few possibilities:
      Cambridgeport (Cambridge), just across the river from Boston
      Union Square, Somerville - highly recommend this one

      1. Copley will be open until 6 pm and the amount of food left will depend somewhat on the weather. If it is a good day to sell, they'll have less at the end of the day. Lunch item, prepared foods do sell out quickly.

        You can get a full list of the markets by day at the Mass Federation of Farmers' Market site. Click on shoppers and find a market then put in zip code 02116 and click Saturday.

        I love the Roslindale Market (Sat 10-1) and you get the bonus of a visit to Roslindale Village with some great food venues. It is in sight of the commuter rail station. Here's the piece I wrote on that one.

        There's another one from 12-5 pm Saturdays on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain.

        Union Square is wonderful and accessible by subway plus a bus.


        1. Union Square Market in Somerville goes from 9-1 on Saturdays and is a great market. B&R Artisan bread, Fiore di Nonno mozzarella, Kimball's fruit farm, Stillman's meat, Herb Lyceum, Hmong Farmers, Niesweicz farm (the best corn all summer!) and more. Accessible by bus. Union Square is probably a good half hour walk from either Harvard Square or Central Square in Cambridge.

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            Thanks! How long is the trip to Union Square market via subway and bus?

            1. re: Steve Green

              If you take the orange line MBTA to Sullivan Station you can take a bus right to Union Square. Sorry I do not know the bus number but if you go to you should get the info. If you take the red line to either Central or Harvard, it's probably a half hour walk; but again, you can take a bus from either of those locations right to Union Square. Hope that helps.

              1. re: chicken pot pie

                It is the 86 from Sullivan Square ( ). You can also take the 87 from Lechmere. Either one should be about 30 minutes if you time the bus right (they only run every 20-30 minutes, so if you miss a bus it will take longer). Union Square is only a ~20 minute walk from Sullivan Square (down Washington St), so if you just miss a bus walking might be faster.

                It is definitely worth the trip -- one of my favorite markets in the area. Nicewicz Family Farm has great fruit (apples & peaches at the moment, maybe still some plums). There is also the goat cheese person (can't remember the name of the farm), and Drumlin farm often has some unusual things.

                1. re: greenzebra

                  I'd just get on the green line to Lechmere from your hotel and walk the 15 min into Union Sq. from the last stop unless the bus is right there. Up McGrath O'Brien Hwy, thru the Shaw Mkt plaza and down Somerville Ave. into the square.

                2. re: chicken pot pie

                  Busses #86 and #91 run from Sullivan through Union Square. There is also the 87 bus from Lechmere Station (last stop on the Green Line) that'll get you there. If you do make it to Union Square, make it a point to get a loaf of bread form B&R and a fresh mozzarela ball from Fiore di Nonno. They are the first things I buy whenever I go to the market.

                  1. re: heavydee

                    I heartily second the suggestion to get fresh mozzarella from Fiore di Nonno. That, some bread and tomatoes is a perfect lunch.