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Sep 10, 2009 03:58 PM

coffee beans- need great flavor

the coffee post just reminded me that i meant to post this question today... i am running out of the coffee beans i ordered from australia (which is amazing coffee, so smooth, so rich, just so great) and i don't want to spend the big bucks to have it shipped over to me again just now. i haven't tried whole beans from LA MILL or even tried Intelligentsia coffee, but those two stand out as possibly being OK from what i've heard to this spoiled coffee person. any additional recs? any preference over LA MILL vs Intelligentsia coffee beans?

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  1. I've never purchased beans from LA MILL, but I really enjoy the single-origin offerings from Intelligentsia. My current favorite is from Los Inmortales, El Salvador. It has a nice flowery aroma and clean finish.

    1. Order Blue Bottle online, or try the Conservancy in Culver City.

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        I second Blue Bottle, which I think is better than Intelligentsia. Blue Bottle seems a little bit more thoughtfully roasted and, in the case of blends, blended. Intelligentsia seems more fiercely devoted to the purity of the bean's origins, as opposed to the actual experience of drinking brewed coffee. Man, I really wish Blue Bottle had a retail location in LA.

        1. re: missyp

          They came down and set up the cafe and gave a three week training.

          1. re: luhkee

            I think after the training, the folks kept going at it until they felt they had it right. That false wall stayed up for months. Still need to try them, but it smells wonderful...

            1. re: bulavinaka

              I went to Equator Books yesterday and had a large cup of Blue Bottle's Giant Steps. The place was empty except for myself and the two girls making the coffee. I walked past Intelligencia and the line was out to the sidewalk. Better coffee and no line, it's a no brainer!
              To be clear, I do like Intelli but I LOVE Blue Bottle Coffee!
              Clyde, get thyself down to Equator as they do sell beans or order online for a larger selection!


                1. re: bulavinaka

                  I wasn't going to comment on my one and only cup of a particular coffee at Equator that I have had many times at all of the Blue Bottle outlets in SF and recently at home. Point is that I am familiar with this particular coffee. I think to be fair to Equator I should try a few more cups which will happen this week cause it was definitely good enough to bring me back for more!

                  1. re: sel

                    Fair 'nuff. I'm in the area all the time during the week but often don't have the time to properly sit down and truly enjoy a good cup. I was hoping for Equator this morning but got detoured toward West LA, and ended up at Amandine - poor me... :)

      2. nothing in LA comes close to Intelli for me. I don't like everything they have, but when I do, it tends to be on the amazing side. I think you'd be able to find something that you like.

        1. Blue Bottle (from SF) online, or if you've absolutely got to be there as it's hot off the press, come down here to Kean in Newport Beach or Tustin. Call first to find out when the beans you want will be roasted.

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