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Good chow in Somerville?


Can anyone recommend a great place to go tomorrow night in Somerville ?--moderately priced is ok. We like all kinds of chow!

thanks all!

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  1. Martsa on Elm, (Tibetan) Davis Sq.

    1. Vinny's on Broadway in East Somerville, often known as Vinny's At Night. Not to be confused with Lil Vinny's on Medford St.

      Here is a recent thread on Vinny's:

      Vinny's on Broadway
      76 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

      1. Highland Kitchen on Highland Ave. Plenty of great reviews on this board.

        1. A favorite of mine is EVOO. They have a prix-fixe meal but also can order a la carte. Its another great farm to table restaurant that use local ingredients. The board has mixed reviews but I'm a big fan, especially of their Chinese takeout box entree.

          1. Some good ones that come to mind are:

            Tu Y Yo (Mexican), Highland Kitchen, Lil' Vinny's (Italian), EVOO, Pho & Rice (Vietnamese and Thai), Gargoyle's, Redbone's (BBQ), Martsa on Elm (Tibetan), and Ronnarong (Thai)

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              Redbones is also a personal favorite of mine -- $7 for a sandwich, $15-$20 for ribs, and they have like 7 different varieties of ribs. All their bbq sandwiches are dynamite, and come with sauce on the SIDE, which is key and super-appreciated at a good BBQ place. I really love the atmosphere there.

              I absolutely second Tu y Yo as well, which just won El Planeta's Best Mexican Restaurant award for 2009. Entrees are $15-$20, and everything is super-authentic.

            2. Don't forget East Asia in Powder House Sq... is it still there? Haven't been for some time.

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                Definitely still there, with all of its fresh dumpling and sauteed chinese vegetable of the day glory.

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                  East Asia is good, but it has no atmosphere at all, if that is the sort of thing that matters to the OP. I've never actually eaten in there, just gotten takeout, and that seems to be the general trend.

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                    It's actually quite pleasant to eat in. The service is extremely warm and friendly, and the bowl of crispy noodles takes me back.

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                      That's good to know. I never really see anyone eating in when I pick up takeout, so it never really occurred to me to eat in.

                2. I mostly know west Somerville, so if that is where you are heading here are some ideas:

                  Davis Sq: Namaskar (pan regional Indian), Tu y Yo (traditional regional Mexican), Redbones (BBQ -- can be hit or miss, although I've definitely had more hits than misses)

                  Teele Sq: Sabur (Mediterranean with an emphasis on Greek/Balkans - lamb dishes have been consistently good for me)

                  Ball Sq: Pescatore (Italian-American with an emphasis on seafood)

                  Beacon St area: EVOO (one of my favorite restaurants, what I would describe as eclectic new American farm cuisine), Pho & Rice (Thai/Vietnamese), Zoe's (Chinese)

                    1. Wuchon House, Korean, Union Sq.

                        1. If you're ok with non-fancy, we just had some terrific polla a la brasa at the Macchu Picchu roast chicken place (not the bigger restaurant) tonight. A good and cheap meal.

                          1. house of tibet kitchen (tibetan)
                            hometown (korean style chinese food)
                            wu chon house (korean)
                            wang's fast food (northern chinese)
                            zoe's (regional chinese)
                            highland creole cuisine (haitian)
                            fiesta bakery (haitian)
                            machu picchu charcoal chicken and grill (peruvian)