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Sep 10, 2009 03:39 PM

Good chow in Somerville?


Can anyone recommend a great place to go tomorrow night in Somerville ?--moderately priced is ok. We like all kinds of chow!

thanks all!

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  1. Martsa on Elm, (Tibetan) Davis Sq.

    1. Vinny's on Broadway in East Somerville, often known as Vinny's At Night. Not to be confused with Lil Vinny's on Medford St.

      Here is a recent thread on Vinny's:

      Vinny's on Broadway
      76 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

      1. Highland Kitchen on Highland Ave. Plenty of great reviews on this board.

        1. A favorite of mine is EVOO. They have a prix-fixe meal but also can order a la carte. Its another great farm to table restaurant that use local ingredients. The board has mixed reviews but I'm a big fan, especially of their Chinese takeout box entree.

          1. Some good ones that come to mind are:

            Tu Y Yo (Mexican), Highland Kitchen, Lil' Vinny's (Italian), EVOO, Pho & Rice (Vietnamese and Thai), Gargoyle's, Redbone's (BBQ), Martsa on Elm (Tibetan), and Ronnarong (Thai)

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              Redbones is also a personal favorite of mine -- $7 for a sandwich, $15-$20 for ribs, and they have like 7 different varieties of ribs. All their bbq sandwiches are dynamite, and come with sauce on the SIDE, which is key and super-appreciated at a good BBQ place. I really love the atmosphere there.

              I absolutely second Tu y Yo as well, which just won El Planeta's Best Mexican Restaurant award for 2009. Entrees are $15-$20, and everything is super-authentic.