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Sep 10, 2009 03:18 PM

Walking distance of Hilton-Ave of America's?


We have 2 nights in Oct (a Sat and Sun). We would love recommendations of restaurants within walking distance (10-15 min walk) of the Hilton on Avenue of the America's near MOMA.

For Saturday night, price is no obstacle. Sunday, it would be nice for something not too formal or pricey.

We love Italian, French, contemporary American (sorry, that is probably vague). We are not huge on seafood and think it's a treat to sit in a beautiful space too (coming from the Midwest).

Anyway, Alto, Eleven Madison Park are on my list-haven't figured out distance.


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  1. Alto is very close to the Hilton: on 53rd, b/t 5th & Madison. If you're looking for excellent upscale Italian, it's a fine choice. Eleven Madison Park is a cab ride away, on the corner of Madison & 24th. Since it's our favorite NYC restaurant, it would certainly be my first choice. However, depending on when you are coming in October, now that it's a 4-star, getting a Saturday dinner reservation could prove difficult. Neither restaurant is open on Sunday.

    The Modern (restaurant) is, of course, right there. The formal dining room is not open on Sunday, but the Bar Room is, and if you're looking for something less formal, it's certainly a good choice.

    Also close by is Adour Alain Ducasse, in the St. Regis Hotel, on 55th St., b/t Madison & 5th. French cuisine, of course, and it is superb! And I think the space is quite elegant. Dinner is served on Sunday, and while it is upscale, they do not require jackets, which makes it feel a bit less formal.

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      Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions. We are going to try for Alto on Sat and Adour Alain Ducasse on Sunday. I really appreciate the input!

    2. You could also try Insieme, a nicer Italian spot at 7th Ave and 51st. I think it'd be a notch below Modern and Ducasse in terms of price, but the food is great and the space is nice as well.

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        Thanks-I will take a peek at Insieme too.

      2. Some other suggestions..

        Per Se (Columbus Circle.. 58/8th.. perhaps more than 15 min?)
        Aquavit (55/Madison)
        Jean Georges (perhaps more than 15 min walk? ?60th/8th avenue?)
        If you change on the fish.. Estiatorio Milos (55/6th), Le Bernandin (51/7)