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Sep 10, 2009 02:22 PM

instruction says to butter & sugar the ramekin, then butter & sugar again. how do you butter on top of that first layer?

wouldn't it scrape the sugar off? is there a method?

(this is from Jean-Georges recipe for Molten Chocolate Cakes)

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  1. try using melted, slightly cooled butter for the second round. you can drizzle it in, let solidify, then sugar again.

    FWIW, i know the *original* recipe says to do that, but all the reprints i've seen published over the years only say to do it once, and i don't think they'll really suffer if you just do one thorough pass.

    1. i use a recipe that calls for double buttering madeleine molds. it specifies brushing with melted butter, freezing, and then rebrushing. it is one of those diminishing returns things. i don't always do it but if i'm cooking for dear friends--or the kids home on holiday--and i want to feel as if i've done everything i can to make a good madeleine, then i do. the increment in personal comfort is probably larger than the incremental improvement in taste or texture.

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        now *that* is a great tip - i've never done it that way before. gotta love CH!