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Sep 10, 2009 02:19 PM


I'm am headed to St. Augustine this weekend and am looking to check out their most classic / old / famous / institutions. A cheap hole in the wall off the beaten path (with good chow) or anything with great great food. (of course dosen't have to be hole in the wall).

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  1. i don't know its age, but O'Steen's is classic for fried shrimp, Minorcan clam chowder, and southern eatin. The locals may have other ideas.

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      I haven't lived in St. Augustine for years, but I'd recommend the Gypsy Cab Co on Anastaisa Blvd it is a local's spot and very funky. Pretty sure it has been around for a long time.

      I'll probably get hissed at, but I think the Columbia in St. Augustine is awsome. The food is good, but the atmosphere makes it worth the $$. They have a great salad dressing, I can't remember the name of it.

      Go to the Mill Top for a great view of the fort and micro beer if you like to drink.

    2. The empanada's at the Spanish Bakery were my afternoon snack when I lived in St. Augustine! Small shop in the courtyard behind another business on St. George. Short hours that span lunch, outdoor seating and terrific empanadas!

      Oh, a second nod towards O'steens. Their hot sauce is great and the chowder is a must try.

      1. Well - The weekend's just about over, but don't forget Barnacle Bills for fried shrimp w/ datil pepper sauce!

        1. Have you checked out Salt water cowboys?

          I wouldn't consider it cheap but it is a known st. Augustine restaurant that I liked and I think it's worth a mention

          1. Gypsy Cab Co is funky with a varied menu.

            I NEVER go to St Augustine without a stop at the Columbi. In 25+ years of going (and to other Columbia locations, esp Sarasota)I've never had a bad meal there. For lunch, I usually get the Cuban sandwich and 1905 salad-mmmm, and the baked scallop appetizer- and the white Sangria is outstanding! For dinner, I usually get one of the fish dishes, but everything is great.

            Stop by the St Augustine Spice Trader and get the "Chef's Special Rub" - just across the way from the Columbia- for when you cook steaks or burgers at home- expensive- and worth every penny!