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Sep 10, 2009 01:51 PM

Seattle - Looking for a decent meat vendor anywhere from the International District to Downtown to Belltown for Thanksgiving


Here's the deal. I know this is way early but, I'm coming in from the East Coast to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for some friends in Seattle, who are also coming in from out of town.

I need a butcher or meat vendor of some sort where i can order a FRESH (preferably) SMALL turkey like 10 lbs ideally 12 lbs tops for pick up that TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY before Thanksgiving.

It doesn't need to be organic or free range or anything like that. I am aware that there are meat vendors/butchers in Pike's Place market and I know that there are various grocery stores around the downtown area. I'm trying not to break the bank on turkey, though. I'd prefer to not get a frozen one, if possible. But if I need to, it could be done. Really prefer fresh though. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm sure Don & Joe's in the market can help you, though I've also been happy with the fresh turkey's from Trader Joe's (though I'm not sure if they do pre-orders and will probably be sold out that close to Thanksgiving). Both would be fresh and very probably organic and or free range.

    1. Don & Joe's in the Market is my butcher. Thay have amazing turkeys and hams for the holidays. Just make sure you order one early.

      1. I do not know for a fact that they pre-order turkeys, but I know that A & J Meats and Seafood in Queen Anne has supplied me with high-quality meat products in the past.

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          They do take pre-orders at A&J and asually sell out a good week to 10 days before Thanksgiving. Also on QA hill is Metropolitan Market, that has 2or 3 varieties of fresh turkeys. They will pre-order as well and will hold for pick up for whatever day you want, including Thanksgiving morning (I acutally forgot to pick up my turkey once!).
          I have had good quality from both sources.

        2. Whole Foods in South Lake Union usually has fresh turkeys. Not sure if you can reserve one, but it's worth a shot to call them.

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            Thank you everyone for your suggestions and your assistance. Will take this info and make good use of it. Cheers!