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Sep 10, 2009 01:33 PM

Fiori di Sicilia (citrus/vanilla baking flavouring) in the GTA / Canada?

A while back, I came across a couple of interesting baking recipes that used the Italian ingredient "Fiori di Sicilia", described on at least 1 website as "An all-natural combination of citrus and vanilla with a pleasingly floral aroma".

I'd never heard of it before, but having been to Italy and eaten at many Italian bakeries both in Europe and over here, I believe I have eaten baked goods (such as pannetone) before that contained it - it's one of those "MMmmmm!.. not sure what that flavouring is, but I like it!" things. And all reviews agree, it's good stuff. However, it's also *expensive* stuff.

Flour company 'King Arthur' sells the stuff for $7.95US for 1oz on their site [link: ] -- they say they ship to Canada but to "Call for shipping costs". When I did this, they told me there's a "$15US surchage for airmail to Canada", on top of their standard shipping charge (currently $6.50US). Never mind that USPS's shipping calculator suggests it could be sent here for about $1.75 + the cost of a padded jiffy envelope.

I really want to try this Fiori di Sicilia stuff but paying $30 for 1oz of this stuff is totally not worth it. I asked elsewhere if anyone knows of any bakeries, baking supply stores or Italian food stores that might sell it in the GTA, or elsewhere in Canada, but got no answer. So, I'm turning to you, Chowhounds.. surely someone here knows where Torontonians/Canadians can get this, at a reasonable price?

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  1. We just use confectioners sugar that has that we store vanilla pods in it and add some orange oil + zest.

    Orange & lemon oils are useful when you do not want to change the pH (ie when baking)

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      1. You can get 4 oz. for CA$30 from Golda's Kitchen, which is based in Ontario:

        Shipping costs:

        They also have a retail store in Mississauga.

        Good luck!

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          Hey thanks a lot for finding that!
          It's marked as a 'new' product at Golda's, too. Maybe they saw this thread?!

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          1. Has anyone found fiori di sicilia in a smaller quantity in Toronto?

            What's a good place for a selection of extracts- oils? (P.S. I found McCalls- in Toronto- on the internet)

            Question for the heck of it. Has anyone ever tried baking with Body Shop oils?

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            1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

              I do not believe Body Shop oils are made for internal consumption. I'd be careful.

              Any decent baking shop should carry Lorann Oils and their version of Fiori di Sicilia is called Citrus Blossom. It comes in 1 oz sizes. I'm in the GTA and Golda's Kitchen is very convenient for me. They have a lot of great flavourings and their stock is freshly replenished. McCalls is another good one (you mentioned it).

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                I recently acquired a ladies service club cookbook, 3rd edn, about 1950 as an alternative to olive oil........ mineral oil.
                At least with Body Shopo it would smell sweet.