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Sep 10, 2009 01:31 PM

Best BBQ and Best Pho Dallas

I know that these are 2 completely different foods but are 2 of my favorite. I am a Seattle hound looking for the best of both worlds in Dallas. We are severely lacking in anything that resembles BBQ up here in the Pacific NW and the boards here have not given me much direction. So what is the best? What do I have to have to have and where?

Pho, on the otherhand, is a staple in my diet and I am curious to what Dallas has to offer. Seems folks of here like Pho Bac, Pho Bang, Pho Pastuer? Any thoughts on who has the best broth?

Any help with either of these would be a big help and if there is anything around the Hilton Anatole on Stemmons Freeway that would be even better (will be willing to travel, though!!). Thanks!!!!

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  1. Nearest to you for Pho is Oishii. They only offer a few basic choices, but they have a good broth, good quality meat and as a plus, don't use MSG. It's only about a mile away from the Anatole.

    Also not too far away (about 5 miles) is Viet Nam Restaurant. They have a much larger selection, but to me the broth isn't as good.

    Unfortunately, I have never been to Pho Bac, Pho Bang, or Pho Pastuer, so I can't say how these rank. Once it gets a little cooler outside, I'll better educate myself....

    1. Webra is correct Vietnam and Oiishi are both good for the locations which are closer to you. If you are looking for more Vietnamese areas Garland would be the closest and most populous area close to your hotel. Let us know if you need any other recs beside just pho.

      Pho Bang was quite good and I actually saw a former restaurant owner eating there with her family (Tess Nguyen formally of Zoom Thai/Vietnamese).

      The Pho Dac Biet was filled with enough meat but not overflowing with the tripe and fatty brisket as most do. The broth was well seasoned and freshly made. I have had many a bowl of pho here in the metroplex and I would say Pho Bang was one of the tops, for a bit different flavor you might try La Me in Dallas. Both places offer bun cha ha noi also and both places have a greta version. La Me also has a great pate bahn mi.

      BBQ I would say without question refer to the guys over at Full Custom Gospel BBQ Blog. They have eaten at more places than I care to even imagine. I have had my share of BBQ, most of which in Dallas has been horrible.

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        Thanks for the recs! Pho Bang sounds great (especially with another restaurant owner there eating their goods!!). And I love, love, love not only bahn mi, but pate bahn mi!!! definately will have to check out La Me, too. So I maybe some recs for steamed baguette, bahn xeo, claypot foods, or other dishes that are not to be missed?

        The sad thing that I have been finding out is that Dallas is not the place in Texas for BBQ. What a shame!!! Turns out I have a car and I am more than willing to travel to find the good stuff. I will check out the recommended blog, but any other places within an hour or two outside of Dallas? Thanks for the help!!!

        1. re: passionfoodie

          The following blog (same blog as above) has the following list of all the **** BBQ retsaurants within the DFW Metroplex. Eventhough it is on his list of **** BBQ places I was not impressed with Angelo's in FW.

          Meshack's BBQ Shack in Garland
          Smokey's BBQ in Fort Worth
          Randy's in Red Oak
          Longoria's in Everman
          Off The Bone BBQ in Forest Hill
          Angelo's in Fort Worth

          Clark's Outpost is a bit of a haul from Dallas but I have heard it is worth it. It is also one of the only places I have heard of that serves smoked trout.

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            Update no more smoked trout at Clark's. Ms Picky stopped by there a couple of weeks ago while on a drive to pick some up for me. It turns out that their trout supply got prohibitively expensive.

          2. re: passionfoodie

            you could also drive to Mary's in Strawn for chicken fried steak and calf fries.

        2. The best bbq in Dallas is the original Sonny Brian's by Love Field. Julia Child went there and she loved it they still have the picture on the wall. Dean Fearing of the Mansion even usrs their bbq sauce in his restaurant instead of making his own sauce!

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            As close as you are to Sonny Bryan's you should try it for lunch. Get a chopped beef sandwich and some onion rings. The place does have alot of character.
            Even if it was the Best BBQ in Dallas, that wouldn't be saying alot.

            1. re: OCNC

              SMOKE is a new bbq place that may even be better than the Original Sonny Bryan's!

            2. By all means, try Sonny Bryan's on Inwood just past Harry Hines. But be aware that it's no more than a bbq shack. It's not a "restaurant." But you can sit there and eat with the other customers, no problem.
              For pho I usually go to Pho Legacy (3109 N. Beltline, Irving). It's not as flavorful as West Coast Pho, however. ( I was in San Francisco in July).

              1. This from my East Dallas Restaurants site:

                Pho Bang (still at Walnut & Jupiter) - we were at Arc-en-Ciel a few years ago and noticed the line coming out of Pho Bang, a few doors from Arc-en-Ciel. We went back and put Pho Bang to the ultimate tests: Pho tai & bun cha Ha-Noi.

                Pho Bang passed with flying colors. Pho is first-rate (none better in Dallas, actually, I've never had better in VN, either) & bun cha is excellent - the pork patty not the greatest, but the pork brilliant and the soup, AAHHHH - Perfect! Number 1 in the bun cha Ha-Noi race to greatness. Com tam thit nuong (and apla) (broken rice with grilled pork and fried egg) is great. The Best Charcoaled Pork Award! We noticed that pho tai came to people with the meat not well-done, so maybe not necessary to order with meat on the side. This is the best & most authentic VN restaurant in the Dallas area.

       - I wonder how you make a link?

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                  We finally made it out to Pho Bang. We ordered Pho Tai, and like chaskemp mentioned, the beef is still rare when it arrives. The broth was flavorful without having too much fat and didn't rely on MSG.

                  We also ordered the Bun Cha Hanoi which had a really good grilled flavor, but we still prefer La Me's version (it's not on the menu anymore, but they do still make it, just ask). They serve it with a greater variety of herbs and the sauce they use is addictively good.

                  After trying Pho Bang's version, I have to give props to Oishii for their Pho Tai. Both my husband and I slightly prefer Oishii's version - even though it has a bit more fat, their broth has a stronger flavor. If you want the beef rare there, you probably need to order it on the side.