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Sep 10, 2009 01:24 PM

Breakfast in Augusta

I was looking for a really good place for breakfast in Augusta or between Augusta and Atlanta on my way to Myrtle Beach for my honeymoon.

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  1. This is probably too late. It depends what you type of experience you want. There is a Ritz Carleton resort in Greensboro, GA at Lake Occonee. They have a great restaurant with a great southern breaksfast: creamy grits etc . . .

    If you are looking for a Sunday Brunch, I recommend the Partridge Inn in Augusta. Its a historic hotel and a good place to spend the night. If you are looking for a good diner, I would go to Ruth's or Sunrise both are off Washington Road and 5 minutes off the highway. The sweet potato pancakes are great at Sunrise. Good eatin'