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Sep 10, 2009 12:56 PM

Need a Great Restaurant Near Madison Square Park - E 26th Street Area

I have a business lunch with 5 colleagues that I need to quickly coordinate for this Monday 9/14. We just opened an office in this area and I am looking for a good place to celebrate the opening of this office.

I know about Houston's, which would be perfect, but they don't take reservations. I am also aware of Blue Smoke but not sure that is appropriate.

Can people please recommend some things? I am open minded at this point and just looking to make sure people have great food and a memorable meal - and I would like to make sure that the restaurant takes reservations!

Thanks very much in advance.


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  1. Although getting a reservation at Eleven Madison Park these days is next to impossible, since it is lunch time you may want to try them first because it is an excellent restaurant and right where you need to be.
    iTrulli is right around the corner and has excellent italian food.
    If you're looking for steak, Wolfgangs is much better than Houstons on 33rd and park. And Artisanal is a great french brasserie at 32nd and park which would be good for a group of 5.

    1. Bar Stuzzichini
      i Trulli
      Black Duck

      1. I second Wolfgang's and Artisanal (although the service at Artisanal can be pretty snotty at times and it's kind of a hectic and crowded room), but there's also Primehouse (a far better choice than either in my opinion) which is on the corner of 27th and Park which would be great. I'd also suggest Les Halles on Park between 28th and 29th. Is it the world's greatest? Probably not, but it's far better than Black Duck. Pamplona on 28th isn't bad, and they almost never have people in the dining room so getting a reservation should be a snap. However, they do fill up with an after work bar crowd and it's a small room so you'll hear the bar crowd all the way in the back. Also, it's not the most celebratory joint - sort of dim and hushed in the dining room. It's a study in contrasts! Also, while it can be pretty raucous, don't forget Dos Caminos on Park and 26th. Big place, lots of tables, not the greatest food but it can be fun if you're in the right mood.

        1. If you can't get Eleven Madison Park, you should try its sister restaurant Tabla. Excellent food and service. I've gone to Tabla for both business and social lunches and dinners.