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Sep 10, 2009 12:49 PM

Small Reception in NEW HAVEN After a funeral on Sunday, Sepember 13

My mom is to be buried at B'nai Jacob Memorial Park near Southern Connecticut State University. Is there a restaurant nearby, with parking, that anyone would recommend for a group of 25 people or so?

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  1. I'm very sorry about your mom. I'm not sure how upscale or ethnic you want to go, but Katz's Deli isn't far away in Woodbridge and has parking, as far as I know. Anyone out there who lives in that part of town have any suggestions?

    1. My condolences.

      If you're after a luncheon place, Delaney's on Whalley Ave. in Westville Village (about 1-2 miles from the cemetery) would be a good place. They have very good sandwiches and salads, as well as some good entrees. It's also inexpensive - salads and sandwiches in the $7 - $11 range.

      The main dining room could accommodate that size group if you make a reservation. There's only a small parking lot next to the restaurant, but there's a municipal lot across the street a block up (Westville Parking Lot) that can accommodate a lot of cars. There's on-street parking, too.

      If you want something a little fancier, Carmine's a little further down Whalley Ave. toward Woodbridge has nice Italian food. It's plenty big enough for your group and has a big parking lot.

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        Ditto on Delaneys, just watch your step when you cross the street there, people really jet by.

      2. I made reservations at Lena's Cafe and am about to send out an email to everybody. If that might actually be a mistake, please let me know.

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          My condolences I think you would be better off at Delaney's or Katz's I am not a big fan of Lena's
          Delaneys s the best space for this type of gathering, as shoes mentioned the main dining room could be set up for 25+. Lena's has more limited seating.
          and the food is much better at Delaneys.
          While the food is very good at Katz's seating may be an issue

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            My father was buried in the same cemetary on July 25th, and we used Lenas for lunch afterwards, as none of us live in New Haven or Hamden anymore. We had a 1PM funeral and tweny-three arrived at Lena's at 2:20. They were very accomodating. There is a parking lot in the rear, BUT handicap access is only thru the front door, stairs in rear.
            There were many choices which worked well for the vegetarians, and those who only eat dairy out. This is their after lunch dead time and they gave us 5 tables tof=gether and lots of attention. Every thing was made to order, and as coffee is usually self service, they understood what was goiing on and served and refilled.
            They did not rush us at all and we were there visiting for about 2 hours and 20 minutes.
            The total bill with a generous tip was only $335.
            This is a great choice and a more appropriate one than Delaney's or other pubs. This is not a time for drinking or hearing a bar crowd.

            You made the right choice.

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              Thank you, bagelman01. Your comment is reassuring. My father's brothers and sisters and their kids, my cousins, grew up in New Haven, but of the 24 people altogether only four still live in the area, so I had to do the planning online from my mom and dad's condo computer down in FL.

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                Been there, done that. My parents lived in Boynton for the last 25 years. We had to go down and bring mom up for the fineral and ship the body.

                Family came from NY, Boston and elsewhere. I live in Trumbull and it didn't make sense to bring everyone here, since Mom was going back to sit shiva in Mass at my sisters.

                Sorry for your loss. Be aware that you will run into crowds at the cemetery as The Holidays start this week.

                Tell your people, that they should drive past Lena's on Whalley and turn right into the next driveway, drive all the way to the back of the building and turn left. Lenas will be on there right, but not directly on the parking lot, there dumpsters are at the end of their lot, and you will be in a public lot.

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                  We had a group of 37 at the restaurant from about 2:20 to 4:15. The food was very high quality. They allowed our guests to order from the lunch menu or the Sunday Brunch menu. A Jewish crowd eating together after a burial, not a single person ordered any alcohol or any pork products. It came to $603 including the 18% gratuity and sales tax.

                  Our friends and relations were pleasantly surprised to have eaten very well.

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                  Not to be too personal on a public board. Was your mom Elaine (married to Lew)? I knew them well and our parents were friends.

                  My email-bagelman01@gmail.com

            2. I'm very sorry. My immediate thought was Carmine's Tuscan Grill on Whalley Avenue in Westville. Easy parking and close to Route 15. Opens at 1PM on Sundays but they may be able to accommodate a different time with notice.

              1. I agree that Lena's also would be a fine choice, if they can put a bunch of tables together for you.

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                  I suggest Carmine's also and you may want to check out Antonios Restaurant in Woodbridge. The only issue with Lena's is that is may be very crowded with the brunch crown that gathers there on Sunday. Delaney's across the street does have a nice lareg dining room.