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Sep 10, 2009 12:38 PM

Best Middle Eastern in West LA?

My girlfriend and I are really, really hungry. We need a place that is both unique in it's own way, and can satisfy. Preferably West LA/Santa Monica area.

Authentic, low-moderately expensive is the range we're in. Suggestions?

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  1. Sunnin (Lebanese) on Westwood is good (although they don't appear to have opened in their new building with parking on the East side of the street). It's pretty low-ish expensive. For that matter, there are the 2 Bella Pitas on/in Westwood, which are very tiny (more to-go than sit down), but have very good falafel and more.

    Sunnin Lebanese Cafe
    1779 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    Bella Pita
    960 Gayley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

    1. shamshiri grill on westwood blvd north of santa monica blvd.
      the best price/quality and price/quantity deal in town, imho

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      1. re: westsidegal

        I had a totally satisfying lunch at Shamshiri a couple of days ago -- good, warm homemade flatbread, a refreshing lemony shirazi salad, the lamb koobideh which was nicely charred and well-seasoned, good grilled vegetables, and a huge mound of tender rice. Great value at $11 with a good tip.

      2. Alcazar Express: corner of Wellworth & Westwood

        Shaherzad, also on Westwood (is Persian included under the aegis of "Middle Eastern")?

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        1. re: J.L.

          I like Shamshiri Grill for overall quality. Sunnin is good if you order the right things (I like the chicken kebab plate with that killer garlic sauce).

          Is Alcazar Express open now? How does it stack up to the original Valley location?

          Make sure to get Persian ice cream afterwards!

          1. re: J.L.

            I am sure the quality of the food is the same, yet I also expect the menu to be a reduced version of the Encino location.

            1. re: carter

              Thanks - I like the rambling press release, especially the part about the owner being a pop singer. =)

          2. sham on santa monica near lincoln syrian/lebanese

            gaby's on venice near motor or washington west of lincoln

            1. I really like King's Kabob on Sawtelle and Sepulveda in Culver City. It's really a little nook of a place, but they have great salads and awesome gyros and shawerma. I don't know if you're looking for more of a sit down place, because this is really casual. You can sit in their coffee shop next door and chill while they bring your order. Not much atmosphere, but a great food find for a really good price! I also like their hummus and dolmas...yum!


              King's Kabob
              5500 Sawtelle Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

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              1. re: kushnerom

                i only at at kings kabab once, and will never go back.

                i would have been happy to have even mediocre middle-eastern food so close to me.
                sadly, the food did not even come up to that standard.

                certainly this food stand is absolutely NOT a destination place.

                1. re: westsidegal

                  It's too bad you had bad food here.... I know alot of locals who love it! I've only had good times here (but mainly for takeaway food).