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Sep 10, 2009 12:31 PM

Orlando nominees for Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show

Guy Fieri of Food Network gets tons of interesting places to check out -special places that serve interesting menus or have great renditions of favorite dishes.

After over a year of viewing the closest joint to Orlando I've seen featured is in Lakeland!

Are we that bad we don't have ANY places we can nominate?

Have any of you actually sent in a nomination?

Post here any restaurant you consider worthy of a visit by Guy driving his awsome Camero.

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  1. This is by far one of the more interesting places I've visited in Central Florida: Old School
    Coffee Stop ( It is located in Christmas betweem Titusville and Orlando. They cook inside a small school bus and have a Bistro built right next to the Jungle Adventures Alligator on SR 50. They're food is amazing especially for the price. They sell gator (bites and sauteed), East-Coast, Wild Shrimp, choice chicken and the best bread pudding ever... ever (only $1.50 for a small). Obviously, they sell coffee and the ultimate concoction.. Choffee. Everyone should check these guys out. The only downside is that they are only open from Thrusday to Sunday from 12pm-10pm since they need the rest of the days to prep food. They make everything themselves and marinade all their meat in ridiculously delicious homemade sauces. Do not leave without trying the bread pudding.

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    1. re: honduranterror

      Definity will try the bus stop - web site looks like very interesting menu.

      Any other nominees??

      Or was I right - no really DD&D ccandidates??o

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        Stopped by last weekend to find a very unique eating experience.

        Outdoor "dining room" under a canopy, kitcken in the bus and very nice owners.

        The menu is very original and most entrees are served in a wrap or in a bowl.[see link above for menu]

        All meats and feafood are marinated in unique blends of liquors and spices.

        I had a beef dish thah was very tasty, filling and reasonably priced [under $5 for a small ].

        The breadpudding was very good, but a little too sugury for my taste.

        It is definity worth a try - wish they were closer to Orlando.

      2. Mama nem's ! on kirkman . Best Soul Food in Orlando! one of my favorite places to go haha

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        1. re: pdpredtide

          well, we are that bad,,Florida isn't a diner state or at least,,there aren't very many here in the state. Most of the diners that I have seen are very similar to eachother. The Bus(above) is probabaly the most unique but it doesn't sound like a diner. I know of a few cuban/hispanic places that would be considered diners and/or dives but he rarely features ethnic places other than mexican. What he seems to want is a diner with lines out the door at lunch or dinner serving a unique dish that people will drive for. The only place like that that I know of is Dixie crossroads in titusville or JB's fish camp in NSB. Here in orlando the only place I can think of like that is Johnson's diner downtown.

          1. re: mountdorahound

            Interesting observation DD&D - they do pick very busy places to get customers comments.

            I've tried Mama Nem's and Johnsons and was satisfied but they both lack dishes on the menu that are unique - just good rendishons on popular soul food items.

            There are , of course, many places like that throughout the country.

            I'm a little suprised we have not seen more DD&D candidates .

        2. Pinones en Orlando - it's literally a grease truck in a gas station parking lot with some of the best Mofongo that I've ever had, not to mention the conch salad. The truck is on Curryford and Conway in the SW corner - at the gas station. Operated by the same gentleman for as long as I've been going, he does it all. It's all made to order so plan to wait about 15-20 minutes, but it's well worth your time. Might look scary, but it's so delicious!! I've never disappointed any of my foodie friends with Pinones en Orlando!

          1. I am from Canada and spending Nov in Lakeland, what was the place in Lakeland?

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              Pappy's Grill
              3043 Drane field Rd


              I hope to give it a try in Nov also.

            2. Played a round of golf at MetroWest earlier this year and ended up at a place called Peach river Cafe or some such thing in the western end of Orlando after the round. Awesome shrimp and grits and great pork chops. I have no idea if it was local, a local chain or what, but it was fantastic.