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Sep 10, 2009 12:19 PM

Best place in WLA to buy tomatoes? (other than farmer's markets)

Any suggestions in WLA where to find heirlooms or other quality tomatoes? Farmer's markets are a given, and Marina Farms is good, but I'm still looking for a more convenient and better selection.

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  1. Pavilians has heirlooms on special for $1.99 per pound this week. I just got some. Not as good as home grown, but pretty good

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    1. re: Baron

      Thanks for the tip. I found two large heirloom beauties - one red, one green - at the Pavillions in Brentwood, at the $1.99 you mentioned. I sliced some of the red for a turkey sandwich and ate the rest of it in hand. Geez, it was so superior to regular grocery tomatoes it made me angry at how much the public has been under-served by the produce growers and chains.

    2. I bought some amazing heirlooms at the Vons on Wilshire in SM near 11th(?)
      at 1,99$ a pound you can't beat the price!!
      They have a wide color variety and all the flavor of fresh picked.

      1. The Venice Whole Foods has had some really good heirloom tomatoes for the last couple months.

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          Fortunately, it's tomato season, so it's hard NOT to find a place to buy good tomatoes right now. Whole Foods is my recommendation as I've bought excellent cherry, heirloom and roma tomatoes at several westside WF in the last few weeks. Cherry tomato variety is exceptional! For heirlooms, I really like the brandywine reds and they're hard to come by, but the beautiful green zebras and pineapple yellows are plentiful.

        2. Got a great box at Trader Joe's last week!