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Sep 10, 2009 11:16 AM

Looking for Amazing dining experience in Vegas!!

I am meeting my oldest friend from boarding school whom I have not seen in 22 years in Las Vegas in May..we have discovered that we are both foodies and want a mind blowing amazing dining experience while there..something grand to fit the occasion..
If you could go anywhere in Vegas where would you go??

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  1. I went to Vegas this past spring and I had three amazing but different dining experiences.

    Craftsteak at MGM Grand, which is Tom Collichio's restaurant. It has the dark paneled steakhouse vibe but with a modern twist in artwork. The service was first class and the food was in one word - amazing - from the dinner rolls buttered and salted in a cast iron skillet to the Kobe beef tartare to their fried zucchini blossoms and ofcourse, the actual steaks! I'd highly recommend it.

    I also really enjoyed Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. It was a delightful French bistro and their patio view is the water show at the Bellagio. At full disclosure, I only went at lunch but I really enjoyed the duck confit and the spinach and brie crepe. It is less "grand" than Craftsteak but a wonderful dining experience nonetheless.

    And my last favorite meal was at Lotus of Siam. I'm sure you can search the Vegas board and find lots of great reviews on the place. Grand? Absolutely not. But it is a not-so-hidden jewel off-strip and the food is really the best Thai I've ever had. I had a crispy duck and basil dish that i still dream about and the simple Tom Yum Kai soup was spot on the best I've had. This wouldn't be a grand place but a definite foodie destination.

    But if money is no object, I'd recommend Joel Robuchon, demand that you write all about the experience and be incredibly envious....

    Hope this helps!

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      I am suggesting Robuchon but I think unless I have some big winnings it won't be do able..however should I pull it out, I may write a book about the experience..

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        I'd skip Crafsteak.

        Alex was superb and the food and scenery at MiX were VERY memorable - I wrote myriad reviews here on the board and a link each with pics in my blog are here -

        Though I've not dined there yet (reservations are 09/24) the customer service at Guy Savoy has been incredible in setting up a tasting menu - Guy's son Franck, actually - and I've never read a less than stunning review of the experience.

        1. re: manders

          Robuchon now has prix fixe options at multiple price points. One can now definitely experience the restaurant without committing to the Menu Degustaton at $385 a person.