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Sep 10, 2009 11:15 AM

Middle Eastern Grocery in LA and San Diego

Hey all... Where can I find some stores that sell middle eastern type food? preferably Egyptian - In both LA and San Diego? Looking for spices/dried food/cheeses as well as fresh produce.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. there are plenty.. google Halal san diego and you will find...

    1. Try Wholesome Choice in Irvine and Anaheim Hills. It's the Whole Foods of middle eastern groceries. A pretty amazing place.

      1. North Park Produce on El Cajon Blvd. in SD had a good selection of middle eastern foods including a good spice selection and about a dozen different feta cheeses. Their dried food selection is good as well (grains, nuts, dried fruits). Despite their name, I don't rely on them for produce except for fresh herbs. I find a lot of the produce to be past its prime, so you have to choose wisely. But the prices are excellent.

        There is another location in Poway that I have not been to. My favorite was Vine Ripe in La Mesa, but it has closed. I heard here that they were reopening, but no word on a date.

        Any specific items you are looking for?

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          awesome... thank you. No specific items. My husband and I are visiting San Diego. He's originally from Egypt and where we live now it is hard to find Egyptian/Lebanese type foods and ingredients. We were hoping to come across a store where he would see products he remembers his mom cooking with when he was a kid. She would be thrilled if we could find and bring back some items she used to use back in Egypt.

        2. There's one on University Ave, I think this is the address:

          Arabic Produce Market

          Category: Grocery [Edit]
          Neighborhood: City Heights
          4869 University Ave
          San Diego, CA 92105
          (619) 283-4493

          They have all the basics and sometimes make fresh food (when I was there they were making some samboosa and kibbeh!)

          I don't know the exact address but found this one online and know that it's on university avenue near 40th or so, call them to be sure.

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          1. re: stangoldsmith

            sorry, it's on el cajon blvd, the one I refer to above:


            Near East Foods
            4 star rating
            based on 1 review

            Categories: Grocery, Ethnic Food
            Neighborhood: City Heights
            4595 El Cajon Blvd
            San Diego, CA 92115
            (619) 284-6361

            1. re: stangoldsmith

              OP should probably try this place along with North Park Produce. It doesn't have the range and selection of North Park (where there are like 8 types of feta), but is more focused on Near East products

          2. Please start a separate thread on the Los Angeles board to continue your quest for middle eastern groceries, so that locals in the L.A. area can help you out. We will be removing any L.A. focused replies from this thread.