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Been to Eisenberg's lately??

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i assume they are still in business because at one time i heard that increased rent might drive them out. are you a fan?? what is best??

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  1. I love eisenbergs. I always want to order something other than the corned beef and pastrami ruben, and I always fail. It's one of my favorite sandwiches in the city. Their egg salad is supposed to be great, as is the chopped liver. But again, I've only heard this from friends.

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      I've had the liver and the tuna. Neither were bad, but neither were good enough that I would come back with better options nearby.

    2. I LOVE their grilled cheese and fries. Think plain ol' buttery white bread and American cheese. Simple and delish.


      1. i go to eisenbergs maybe every 3 weeks. i usually go alone and have their tuna salad on rye with a lime rickey. one of my more pleasurable eating experiences. i just wish they stayed open later.

        1. Corned beef = good
          Pastrami = awesome
          Chk salad = great

          Pass on everything else.

          Atmosphere = still classic

          Very much worth a monthly (or so) lunch just for the above three items though.

          1. They've increased their hours in recent years, and I believe even expanded the menu and added delivery (though maybe the menu and delivery were always there)... They're still there and improved.

            1. I get my grilled cheese there with onions and tomato.. (or really any grilled cheese anywhere). its comfort food to me over there. And then I will usually carb overload with a matzo ball soup.. and usally get an arnold palmer. I usually go with rye. they don't have sourdough (I believe..not sure)

              Sometimes I will get a sliced white chicken on the white bread (sometimes toasted) wiht a little mayo, salt pepper.. and usually with a tomato and a slice of swiss.. though sometimes without just to go austere.. :). Sometimes swap the chicken salad for the grilled chicken, as I guess there's more flavor..

              Sometimes I go with whatever my deli hankering is.. turkey sandwich.. maybe pressed.. deli marche a few store fronts down I usually hit actually for the roast turkey sandwich..

              I've never had any of their egg creams which people seem to LOVE. Over the course of a 30 min lunch there a month ago, I saw them take orders for maybe 10 eggcreams.

              They've had delivery in 2006/2007 when I worked in area. Sometimes I got breakfast delivered from there (western omellte on toast, or other standard breakfast fare). Was good and price was right. Discovered it too late while I was working in the area and didn't do it too much.

              1. It's a great place. If you look them up in Menupages there seems to be a big debate about egg salad. Here are the posts:


                Some people rave. Other people seem to really hate it. I would be curious to hear what other Chowhounders think? I go once in a while and am curious to hear.

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                  used to go there a few times a week when i worked a few blocks away. love their egg salad. theyre also known for their tuna salad sandwich but i go with the egg salad now. also a large matzoh ball soup as well. the pastrami/corned beef didnt impress me as much. good prices too. its like stepping back in time, a restaurant that looks like old new york. and wish they had longer hours too.

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                    You seem to agree with DuGee Davis on the menu pages post. I will have to check it out myself!

                2. I was there on Monday, and just posted about it in the Egg Cream Roundup thread. Had a terrific BLT and what I am beginning to suspect was a mediocre egg cream. (It was my first egg cream though, so hard to tell). RGR replied that her BLT there was awful, so it may be a hit or miss thing. But I loved the atmosphere, and again, the sandwich I had there was simple, yet great tasting.

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                    Did you agree with the postings on Menupages? Did you try the egg salad?

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                      Didn't check menupages, and didn't have the egg salad, sorry. Only things I tried were the BLT and the egg cream.