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Sep 10, 2009 10:54 AM

Restaurants in Santa Monica near Viceroy Hotel (Ocean Drive)

Hi there,

Will be going to Santa Monica for a long weekend (staying at the Viceroy on Ocean Drive) and wanted to get some "can't miss spots." Would love to mix it up a bit... maybe get one high end spot ($30 entrees), a few moderate places ($15-20 entrees) and a few hole in the wall, but great places. We're going for our anniversary and our "babymoon." No dietary restrictions and will eat any kind of cuisine (maybe not sushi though). Any favorites you have? Also, is there a really great ice cream place nearby?


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  1. Chinois, Wolfgang Puck's Asian Fusion restaurant is just up the street on Main Street in Santa Monica and is still wonderful after all these years.

    1. For ice cream (as long as you consider gelato and sorbetto to be in the ice cream family):

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        definitely! gelato's even better! thanks!

      2. do you have a car?

        Musha would be a moderate place I'd recommend.
        Bar Pinxto also moderate.
        Cora's Coffee Shop for breakfast and hamburgers.
        For breakfast/brunch, Huckleberry or Anisette.
        Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln for sandwiches
        Depending where you're coming from, Joe's Pizza.
        Riva - especially great crudo and good pizza margherita
        Tudor House for tea and pastries and English goodies
        Jinky's for breakfast

        For high end, Via Veneto is nice Italian on Main Street. Jiraffe is also close-by. So is Melisse. In West LA, a little bit east up Wilshire Blvd. is Wilshire Restaurant, which would be great to sit on the patio. If you are able to drive, you might also consider Vincenti in Brentwood

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          Note: Cora's is directly across the street from your hotel and definitely worth a visit for breakfast or lunch.

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            re:"burger and beer joint just below the Santa Monica Pier on the boardwalk" ... probably talking about Big Dean's (yes?) not to be confused with Duke's (which is up in Malibu).

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              Thanks these are all great! And yes, we will have a car.

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              Isn't Riva limiting when they serve their pizza now?

              I would stick with a slice from Joe's.

              Also consider:
              Border Grill - fancy famous mexican, on 4th
              Chez Jay - quintessential SM dive
              Jinky's has really good chili, on 2nd
              Anisette - a little pricey but excellent french brasserie for brunch, 3rd & SM blvd
              Musha is more izkaya than sushi
              Catch in the Casa del Mar, at the end of Pico has a beautiful room, and great hotel lounge
              Tacos Por Favor - for awesome taco standesque meals, red sauce is awesome (14th & Olympic)

            3. Chinois, for sure it's a splurge but still worth it!, for breakfast Shutters, the Ricotta Pancakes are divine and the view is gorgeous. There is a great burger and beer joint just below the Santa Monica Pier on the boardwalk....Dukes or something cannot remember the name. Also, your hotel has great food in the main lobby/bar area/restaurant, very tasty.

              1. If you can get a reservation, here are 3 really good restaurants:




                Melisse is overpriced. Annisette is nice, but I would recommend Comme Ca instead if you have a car.

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                    without question...Gjelina.
                    just make sure you either make a res or get there early.