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Sep 10, 2009 10:47 AM

leftover cheescake batter...

Ok, so I made this deLISH cheesecake and have some leftover batter because my pan was small. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do with this? I was thinking about making mini chessecakes in a large muffin tin with graham cracker crust, or using a browine box mix and swirling the cheesecake batter in to make cheesecake brownies. The recipe I used called for a springform pan and a water bath of course, so I don't know If I can even use a muffin tin, or if the browine will get done before the cheesecake!???? I just hate waste and the recipe called for 6 eggs, 3 containers of cream cheese, and a 16oz don't want to just toss it if I can still benefit from its yumminess. TIA!

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  1. Line a muffin tin with paper or foil muffin cups, and make mini cheesecakes like that. Or line a small baking pan with foil and then pat in the crust. and pour in the filling. Make sure there's some overhang of the foil so you can lift the cheesecake out of the pan when it's cool. Then cut into bars.

    1. Easiest crust ever for mini cheesecakes...use a vanilla wafer whole in the bottom of a foil muffin liner!

      Sometimes I swirl melted chocolate into plain cheesecake batter, and it's awesome! Don't overswirl! I like to get some hard ribbons of solid chocolate...

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        Other cookies work as well. I have used oreos (filling and all). Also good is a round of cake or brownie in the bottom.

        Other things work well as swirls too. I have used caramel or butterscotch sauce, lemon curd, jams and jellies.

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          My mom uses nilla wafers for hers too :D

          For the topping, we always did half with melted semi-sweet chocolate on top, or sour cream mixed with sugar and maybe a hit of vanilla.

          As to what you should do with the leftover batter? spoon into a bowl and serve as far as I'm concerned lol

        2. If you go the brownie route, mix some flour into the cheesecake batter until it has the consistency of the brownie batter. Put the brownie batter into the pan, dollop the cheesecake batter on top, and swirl with a knife or rubber scraper. They will finish baking at the same time.

          1. Thank you...Thank you...and Thank you!

            1. You can make deep fried cheesecakes (I've heard them called Xangos but don't know if that's just a brand name). Just wrap batter in egg roll wrappers and deep fry. Cut in half, stand up and drizzle with fruit syrup or dulce de leche to serve.

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                    Wouldn't you need to cook the batter first? Sounds messy as you've described.

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                      There's not that much in there, I think it would cook like any deep fried item. Actually have only had pre-made so can't say for sure. Can do the same thing with ice cream too, and then you have to be careful not to cook too much!

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                        You could freeze it and then cut it into chunks and wrap.

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                          like cheesecake lollipops. Place squares on a long wooden stick. Dip in melted chocolate, roll in nuts or chips. Freeze & serve.