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Sep 10, 2009 10:45 AM

Detroit fish Market

Has anybody tried it? Any recs? I'm going tonight with a friend.

Review to be posted afterward!


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  1. The results:

    Ambiance: Great little spot. Classy decorations without being too stuffy. There's some fantastic booths in the back.

    Food: Appetizers. We tried the crab-brie wonton and the crab fingers. The wontons were very meh. Deep fried and crispy without being too greasy. The stuffing though wasn't impressive. The crab and brie flavors were not distinctive as well. It came with a faux-asian spicy, sweet chili sauce that completely overwhelmed anything the wontons themselves may have offered. Crab fingers were sauteed cracked crab claws. These were a touch better, but nothing to call home about, especially for the price point. The caesar salad's verdict was split. My date thoroughly enjoyed it, and even I had to admit those garlic croutons were damn tasty. Its my own fetish if you will though. Caesars should be prepared tableside, in a wooden bowl, anchovy paste, raw egg, shaved real parmigiano-reggiano. And for this, they did not deliver.

    Entrees: Here's where they came back in a BIG way. I had the deep fried lobster, and she ordered the monkfish. Both dishes were extremely tasty. Lobster was lightly dusted, and perfectly seasoned. The tails came out moist and sweet. It came with a sauteed vegetable side that I couldn't put my finger as to why I couldn't stop eating it. The monkfish was done with a citrus artichoke spinach side. SO, so good. Great textures, flavors went well together. Can't rave enough about the dish.

    overall: thumbs up. I'd definitely give this place another try. Prices are very reasonable. The food is excellent. Love the atmosphere.

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      Thanks for your review. Were there any fresh water fish offerings on the menu?