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Sep 10, 2009 10:19 AM

Domenica at the Roosevelt

Has anyone had a chance to visit yet?

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    1. re: edible complex

      Thank you...for as often as I have searched for things I completely had a brain cramp before posting!

    2. I posted about my first visit last week, but we have made a return visit since: started with a very good arugula salad, then pizza with chanterelles and fried egg (divine) and the proscuiutto pizza (a repeat, but just as good as the first time). Dessert was an excellent blueberry crostata. Service was excellent and very prompt (but the restaurant was not nearly as crowded as on our first visit).
      My husband had the leftover pizza cold, for lunch today. Said he definitely wants to go back so he can bring home the next day's lunch.

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          Pretty well. The pizzas, as I recall, were $13. Most things can be had in small as well as large plates, starting at $6 or $7; pasta available in small or large plates. We had a large plate of pasta, and I think it was $16. It was very generously sized; a small plate would have been enough.
          The meat and fish entrees, which are very large, range between $18-25, as I recall. So you can spend a fair amount, but you don't have to to eat well.

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            the other thread had menus items and prices listed (unless it was edited)

        2. Went last night. Great atmosphere, very busy, very loud, trendy place. The pizza was awesome. The cheese/salumi plate solid and the squash blossoms were out of this world. The gnocci was the only thing that was great. I liked that it wasn't too expensive and the attire was semi-casual. They put a lot of money into this place and I hope they succeed.

          1. We stayed at the Roosevelt last weekend to take advantage of the great locals' specials they have on room rates. We ate at Domenica Saturday night, and it was so good we went back Sunday night. The pizza was just like those we ate in Italy in July, and the fried squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese were delicious. The wine list is arranged by Italian region, so interesting to peruse. The chef visted with us both nights, and seems genuinely interested in customer feedback.

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            1. AMORE the goat cheese stuffed squash blossoms. finally, someone in town is offering these lovelies, and next time I'm not sharing. the grilled radicchio is radiculous. it's usually served in Italy w/gorgonzola, but they serve it w/an aged riccota, which is equally good and melts in your mouth.
              the tagliatelle w/rabbit ragu and porcinis is divine. my friend ordered a pizza before I got there, think it was the caprese. next time, I'm in for the gorgonzola, pear and walnut pizza, and I'll be getting the soppressata and the stracci w/oxtail ragu and fried chicken livers...all of which came highly recommended from a friend who dines there often. great wine selection, excellent service, very affordable, the space is beautiful, and the food takes me to Italy (w/o that bear of a flight).