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Sep 10, 2009 10:09 AM

Croissants in SE Michigan

Does anyone know of a cafe/bakery in Oakland/Macomb county that makes good croissants?

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  1. The place to get the BEST (and I mean, seriously the BEST croissant I've had anywhere, including France) is from a place called The Croissant Shop in Ann Arbor. However, they only do wholesale sales, you can't just go buy one from their business. I believe you can put in an advance order, but I think it has to be at least a dozen you buy.

    However, if you call them up, they'll tell you what business they sell to so you can get them retail. For YEARS the only reason I went to Cafe Verde in Ann Arbor was they sold Croissant Shop pastries. they make an AWESOME brioche too.

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      I believe Espresso Royale has their croissants too

    2. There is/was a place on Hamilton Row in Birmingham that had great croissants, la patisserie. They had have croissants.

      1. Pastry Peddler in Ann Arbor is magnifique. For my money I prefer them to Croissant Shop, but chacun à son goût. I agree that the brioches from Croissant Shop are nonpareil.

        1. The Give Thanks bakery in downtown Rochester, located behind Main St Billiards.

          Wonderful plain and chocolate croissants.

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            The Give thanks Bakery is a bit hard to find at first as you can't see the store front from Main Street. It's worth finding. Every thing they make is incredibly good.
            Their Stollen at Christmas is the best I have ever had.

          2. Canella or Petit Prince in B'ham. Also second the rec for Give Thanks in Rochester.