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Sep 10, 2009 09:51 AM

primanti-like sandwich in LA?

Does anyone know if there is anything like the Primanti sandwich in LA??....Saw it on tv and I know that i will probably never be in if anyone has any close suggestions...thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Waiting for any replies to this very good question?
      Afraid the answer will be ....nope.
      Pittsburgh is actually a great food town, great breakfasts and great Italian bakeries, and Primanti bros was very tasty.
      We did a road trip that included parts of Ohio, Erie etc...not a culinary wonderland.
      But almost everything we ate in Pittsburgh was fresh, well made...and astoundingly cheap compared to NY or LA.
      Primanti Bros has an online menu.......

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      1. re: ciaolette

        awww sorry to hear that...i will just have to try and find my way out there some day...thanks for the reply!

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          Just in case of insomnia (and seeing as how you are interested in sandwiches) here's a little something for you: lol

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            LOL You are funny, insomnia! That has to be one of the longest posts I remember

      2. I think the only thing that would be hard to replicate in LA in a Primanti-type sandwich would be the fluffly Italian bread that they use.

        Lots of sandwich joints will, or can, add cole slaw and fries to your sandwich, but getting that bread may not be quite that easy, if at all possible.

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          I think Claros has the bread you speak of. There is a commercial Italian Bakery in the SGV that bakes some of their stuff. Just need the Italian style coleslaw, it has a vinegar type dressing.

        2. I thought P Bro's was overrated. All of the P-burg natives i talked to agreed. One offered up as a better place was (i think) called golden triangle.

          Whatever. This just taught me to go off of locals and internet rather than TV.