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Sep 10, 2009 09:35 AM

Ballard recs?

When we've visited Seattle in the past, we've always stayed downtown and eaten in places b/n Belltown and the ID (Tavolata, Shiro, Cafe Campagne, LePichet, Matt's, Elliot's, Il Terrazo Carmine, Green Leaf, Sea Garden, etc., etc.) At the end of this month we'll be staying on a friend's boat at Fishermen's Terminal, which will give us a chance to explore Ballard. Paseo, La Carta de Oaxaca, Delancey are already on the list. Any others not to be missed? Also, can I cross the bridge and walk to these places from the terminal? What else is there in Ballard to check out by walking around, besides the locks and botan. garden? Will the Sunday farmer's market still be going on? Where is it? TIA.

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  1. Yes, you can walk across the noisy half-mile Ballard Bridge.
    At the North end of the bridge, when you step off and head West, you'l find yourself on Ballard Way. In a block or two, this becomes Ballard Avenue, which is where much of the action has been in the gentrification/rejuvination of Ballard, in recent years, and it's dense with chow. The Ballard Farmer's Market happens on Ballard Avenue..

    1. Senor Moose is another good spot for Mexican, especially for brunch. Lunchbox Laboratory has great burgers. Take 5 Urban Market is a corner grocery with a small kitchen and incredible sandwiches. Ocho is a nice tapas joint, the Jolly Roger (if it's open, they just moved) has great sliders and beer, and Mike's Chili Parlor is a Ballard institution.

      1. Bad Albert's(a bar) serves one of the best breakfasts I have had in Ballard. I also like down home Vera's- a old school diner in the heart of downtown Ballard. Ocho is a GREAT choice for any meal- they do brunch on the weekend- it is more like a scaled down version of the offereings of small plates that are on the chalkboard for dinner- it is a foodie place. Hazelwood is a wonderful and small cocktail destination. Yes to- Senor Moose, Lunchbox Labratory!, Paseo!, La Carta de Oaxaca!, Delancey. Bastille is a great new addition to the neighborhood. It has a patio, restaurant, and bar section- very laid back high class- focus is local grown and french bistro. I did happy hour at Bastille and want to go back for dinner. Rizzo's is a new addition to the area as well(french dip sandwiches only sold) as is Gabriel's Fire(BBQ). For dive bars I like The Sloop and for more upscale but laid back I like King's Hardware. Thaiku is good for Thai and Madame K's is good for fun burlesque atmosphere and pizza. A fun dessert can be found at Cupcake Royale and baked goods at Honore, Larson's Bakery(Scandinavian), Tall Grass, and the highly acclaimed Besalu.

        Check them out here-

        The market will be running- make sure to check it out! Also, Fremont is very walkable as well- 15-20 mins.

        1. All great options a mentioned. I would also suggest walking the other direction and going over the locks to get into Ballard. The walk would be a bit longer, but would be nicer than going over the bridge.

          Don't miss list:
          Besalu - don't miss the cardamom pretzel
          Lunchbox lab - love/hate relationship on this board, I'm in the extreme love category - in my opinion, best burger i've had
          Take 5 - quickly rising to the top of my favorite reuben (corned beef) in the city, my significant other has tried other sandwiches and reports they are good, too.
          Jolly Roger - as stated above, in the middle of a move - if open, do lunch for more tasty options.

          Others that people mentioned are all good. I just haven't had the time yet to hit Bastille, Ocho, or Delancey.

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            Thanks for all the tips, including walking over the locks, which I didn't know we could do. I just KNOW I need a dork burger from LLab

          2. absolutely walk over the locks rather than the bridge. it's bound to be more pleasant. good recs so far. also moshi moshi for traditional sushi and great cocktails. the farmer's market is right on ballard ave. i like hattie's hat for drinks. ocho and hazlewood for sure. volterra has a fantastic wine list and many people rave about the food. i only ate there once and wasn't 100% sold on the food but it was good. a few of the other places mentioned (delancy and luchbox lab most notably) are a bit north of downtown ballard and a longer walk. but if you are ready they're worth it. or it would be a cheap cab ride.

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              Volterra has an excellent weekend brunch. YUM.