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Sep 10, 2009 09:21 AM

Wedding or event at George Restaurant?

Hi everyone- thanks in advance for your help!

We're planning a wedding for summer 2010 and George is at the top of our list...but before we commit (*to the venue!) I thought I'd check in and see if anyone here has been a guest at or hosted a wedding or event there. Any feedback good, bad, or ugly would be greatly appreciated.

To be honest we haven't investigated too many other venues, so if anyone has any other recommendations we'd love to hear them. Our wishlist is:

-Great food! Fiance is a foodie and there will be quite a few chefs / sommeliers / restaurant people in attendance

-looking at around 100-125 people

-Toronto or close by

-Ceremony and reception at the same place

-Some sort of outdoor patio / courtyard

-Price isn't too big of an issue, but George is quoting around $150/pp including wine and I don't think we'd want to go much higher

Thanks guys!

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  1. Hi of my very best friends was married and had the reception at George 18 months ago. As a guest I found it wonderful. The service was attentive and swift, the food delicious. I know the couple were given ample choices for the menu (and were able to accomodate some of the less adventorous eaters as well). The room was beautiful - all twinkly and romantic. We had speeches and a surprise karaoke moment from the bride and groom. All was taken in stride by the staff at George. I was so impressed I went back for my birthday shortly thereafter.