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Sep 10, 2009 09:17 AM

Suggestions for tonight in Belmont Shore area?

At least I think it's Belmont Shore....I will be in the area tonight for a show at Fingerprints(around Redondo and Ocean). I am completely unfamiliar with the area and would like to grab a little bite beforehand. I'm up for anything as long as it's quick and delicious. Anyone know a good taco truck in the area perhaps? I'd ideally like it to be within walking distance of Fingerprints. TIA!

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  1. Might as well just go to either Rubios or Z Pizza next door.

    No taco trucks in upscale Belmont Shore.

    And check your directions. Redondo and Ocean? Are you sure? Is there a second store there?

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      Apologies, I didn't check the address. I guess it's around 2nd and Redondo? I'll have to be sure before taking off. How depressing, Rubio's or Z...maybe I can grab something on the way from PV but can't think of anything.

    2. If you delete the requirement that it be near the store, perhaps Hole Mole will serve. Not a truck, but fast service. You can find several in LB. If you exit Lakewood and take PCH from the Traffic Circle there is one on the left hand side.

      Or check their website for alternative locations

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        not tacos, but i love the lebanese food at sunnin. did stop in at the new Thai Gourmet place that's where Biggs used to be. Don't bother ... don't think they've ever heard of fish sauce.

      2. Redondo does not cross Second Street. Fingerprints is on Roycroft and Second
        Fingerprints is on one end of Belmont Shore's Second Street and there is a mile of restaurants and bars. Does it have to be tacos? There is a Super Mex right across the street and they have a take-out window. Also across the street is Pappalucci's and Babette's Feast.
        If you're not in a hurry, try Open Sesame for kabobs, George's for Greek food -or if cost is no worry - Bono's (owned by Chas Bono) is an outstanding choice for an excellent meal, great service and good drinks.
        You can't throw a stone without hitting a food establishment in Belmont Shore.

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          Bono's is owned (last I checked) by CHRISTY Bono-- Sonny's daughter by his first wife. It's a good upscale choice.

          All the choices listed are good. I'm not a huge fan of Holé Mole (or is it Holé Molé?)-- their salsas are pretty dull-- but Super Mex is pretty good grub, and it's just across the street from Fingerprints. Even better-- but it's a drive away-- is Enrique's; take Second Street out of the Shore, turn left on PCH, then turn left at Loynes into the mini-mall there. Awesome jalisqueña cuisine.

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            Enrique's is so good! Was there last Saturday and had a really tasty eggplant appetizer that I've never had before and their sea bass was so good as usual.

            1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

              So sorry everyone! I'm a dunce when it comes to the LB area. It's my first visit to Fingerprints also, but I *will* google it before leaving the house. :P

              It definitely does not have to be tacos, just thought that'd be the quickest, cheapest, etc. I doubt I'll have time to sit down and eat though. But any cuisine is fine with me! Thanks for the suggestions thus far, will have to get to Enrique's since it's been on my list forever.

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                Bono's is mediocre. Go to Open Sesame for excellent Lebanese food.

                1. re: teach

                  Agreed on Open Sesame. Upthread, FED mentioned the sublime Sunnin-- I should note the service is friendly but unrushed.

                  I've always enjoyed my meals at Bono's, but then again a lot of liquor is usually involved (the last time was my wedding party, and that included a LOT of champagne and cocktails). For the high-end splurge-y meal, I'd be first calling Michael's on Naples-- if it's still open (I can't keep up with restaurant comings-and-goings anymore); the last meal we had there was exceptionally wonderful.

                  Michael's On Naples Ristorante
                  5620 2nd Street, Naples Island, CA 90803

                  1. re: rjw_lgb_ca

                    yes, service is, ahem, not Sunnin's strong point. though it is very friendly. i just find the food to be head and shoulders above open sesame. i've eaten at bono's a couple times and just never got it (maybe never had sufficient alcohol). i mean, it's fine ... it's basically a westside (LA) neighborhood restaurant, but charging closer to fine dining prices.
                    and if you are looking for a splurge (which it didn't seem the OP was), Michael's is probably the best fine-dining option in Long Beach ... or at least it still was a couple of months ago when I last ate there. fairly serious food and a very nice setting, particularly on hot nights when you sit up on the upstairs deck.

            2. My favorite restaurant in Belmont is Open Sesame, but they are usually packed, so It might not be quick.

              You can go to Aroma di Roma and get a panini and some gelato. They are pretty quick

              You can also go to the bar at Barry's Beach Shack get a burger and fried jalapeno rings if they aren't too crowded.

              1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up just getting something quick at Super Mex since it was so close. Decent food, nothing to write home about. I actually wish I had just gone to Rubio's since it was even closer and probably would have been cheaper... I must get back to the area soon as I've been wanting to try Michael's for a long time. Anyway, a full tummy and an awesome show made the night a success!