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Sep 10, 2009 09:04 AM

Pork lover looking for Dining Advice for Short Time in Rome!

I've been stalking Chow boards for years and this is my first post for ever! It's with a mix of anxiety and excitement that i post questions (for help! for feedback!) on my upcoming honeymoon to Italy next week.

Specifically, my new hubby and I will be spending a mere 3 days in Rome and we want to make the most out of it without getting overwhelmed with the notion of "seeing everything."

So here's the gist - we arrive in Rome very early (7am!) and have planned two "musts" - (1) Evening Tour of the Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel and (2) a Context tour of Imperial Rome (Colosseum, etc.). Our hotel is near the Forum and the rest of our time between the tours is open. I'm a New Yorker so am used to walking A LOT. Ideally, we'd want to explore neighborhoods while stumbling onto great food options. We do not have to eat at a fine dining / Michelin-rated establishment...and prefer authentic comfort foods, good wines (esp whites since the husband has a weird allergy to reds), and street foods. Also, as you notice, I am very much a lover of the swine so places with great pork dishes are always welcome :)

As time is limited - what would folks recommend? Is there any good wine bar or casual place near the Vatican we can stop off for a pre-tour bite? If I am looking for one authentic/interesting place for Roman food - would Checchino dal 1887 be a good one? And what are people's thoughts on Spirito Di Vino? I read mixed reviews on these boards but I heard they have a pork dish that is delicious...will look for better options in Trastevere if folks deem Spirito mediocre...

All comments are much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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  1. the maiolino at alle carrette in trastevere is delicious. for amazing porchetta head to the testaccio market. if you are looking at the equine butchers, the stall all the way on the left near the cheap looking shoes has fabulous porchetta. its not exactly a roman joint any more, but roscioli has an wide selection of serrano ham.

    if your hotel is near the forum, hit up la piazzetta, cavour 313 and alle carrette. tempio di iside is the best fish in rome (near the colosseum) if you are into that kind of thing.

    you have excellent taste in tour companies. context is the best out there!

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      Thanks so much Katie! Will definitely get that porchetta and I do love fish/seafood as well so I appreciate the other recs. What about restaurants near the Vatican? any good options there? I'm also still trying to decide if Spirito Di Vino should be on my list or not.

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        Near the Vatican there are a couple of resturants, a bit pricey, that we really enjoy:
        RISTORANTE CESARE, Via Crescenzio 13, beside beef & seafood serves wonderful pizza, and Ristorante dal Toscano - Via Germanico, 58/60, excellent chianina beef & great tuscan wines!
        Enjoy your Roman holidays!