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New Cantonese restuarant in FairLakes?

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Was driving by the Malibu Grill (Brazailian BBQ) in Fairlakes, and noticed there are now Chinese characters on the sign... had to stop in and take a look.

It turns out, they have split the restaurant into 2 co-located restaurants -- one remaining the old Malibu Grill, and the new Cheong Wong chinese place. They say its a Hong Kong style seafood restaurant, and the menu looks promising. I am hoping for good things, as there isn't much authentic chinese food out in western FFX county.

I found it very odd that there were no outside signs in English to indicate there was a Chinese restaurant at that location.

I didn't get a chance to try it yet. Has anyone tried this place?


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  1. Thanks for the tip -- looks promising. I like that they spell chow foon like they do up in Boston, where I was first exposed to the dish.

    Hope there is no taint from being in the same building as the execrable Malibu Grill.

    1. I saw their ad in the local Chinese paper about a month ago and wanted to try, but haven't had a chance yet. It is funny that they're co-locating with the Malibu Grill as it's not very apparent where it is from the outside. I see there's one review of it on yelp, and it's so-so.

      1. Thanks - I thought it was yet another Korean place. I will have to try this!