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Sep 10, 2009 08:24 AM

Looking for Oregon beers (bottles, not on tap)

Hi All,

I'm trying to find some Oregon beers to represent my state of origin in an annual neighborhood beer-tasting event. It's easy to find Rogue and Widmer, but hard to find just about anything else, and the shipping costs for mail-ordered beer are prohibitive. I'd love to find Bridgeport or Full Sail, but any other Oregon breweries (well, probably not Weinhard's) would be great.

I'm in Hyattsville, MD, and the closest stores with decent selections are the General Store at Franklin's brewpub and Village Pump liquors in Beltsville. No luck at either of those places. I would be willing to go as far as Baltimore or equally far in the Va. direction, but I need to find something by 9/26.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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  1. Will be drinking many Oregon beers this weekend at Autzen Stadium!

    You should call a place like the Market of Choice in Eugene and have them ship you some.


    1. Again, I'll recommend Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits on Connecticut Avenue, DC. They have a fantastic selection of beers from around the nation and the world. They sell numerous singles as well as cases. The management and staff really know their beers!

      You could also contact "The Perfect Pour" in Columbia, MD. They have a very nice selection too.

      1. You may want to try Corridor in Laurel. But if Village Pump didn't have what you were looking for, Corridor probably won't either.

        1. I use to check a brands distribution. Full sail is listed as distributing to Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Bridgeport is listed as being distributed in Arizona, California, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington so you probably are not going to find them at any store you go to in the area.

          Deschutes is a great brewery out of Oregon I just got some of their Abyss in the mail not too long ago since they don't distribute here either.

          1. Thanks, everyone! I started to panic about my time constraints and ordered a cool variety from The shipping cost was more than the beer, but not as expensive as some places I priced. I'm especially excited about the Full Sail Session Lager, it sounds interesting:

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              Did you happen to include any Deschutes, Ninkasi or Hair of the Dog? BTW you can get Caldera (Southern Oregon) at The Wine Source in Hampden (Baltimore). They can their beer but it is quite nice. Moved here from Portland about 2 years ago.

              1. re: mcattrone

                No Ninkasi or Hair of the Dog. I got some Black Butte Porter and some Mirror Pond from Deschutes. I also got some Bridgeport Blue Heron, which I miss dearly. I thought I'd try something from a brewery I'd never heard of, Dick's, which the mail-order company had listed as being in Oregon, but, only after I ordered, I discovered that was inaccurate. They are actually up in Centralia, WA. Oh well. I wish the shipping costs for beer were reasonable enough that I could mail order for anything other than a special occasion.

                I lived my first 19 years in Portland, then, after five years in central PA (college, so I was still going back to PDX a lot), I lived in Seattle for seven years, before coming out here about five years ago.