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Sep 10, 2009 08:20 AM

3rd trip to NYC...but 1st in 10 years. All grown up, so where's hip to go


My girlfriend and I will be visiting Manhattan in 2 weeks time. We haven't a clue where's hip to hang out, have some cocktails and people watch. We're both in out early 30's. She'll be carving some sex and city style bars, and I just want to be where it's all going off. Any suggestions?

I've booked dinner at at Daniel Boulud's KBGB but I could do with a few more suggestions.

Many thanks,


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  1. Minetta Tavern is a hot spot these days.

    1. Jane Hotel for drinks. Rose Bar at Gramercy Hotel. Waverly Inn. The Standard Hotel. BTW, it's DBGB as in Daniel Boulud?

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        Thanks for the replies so far. It is indeed DBGB. Have you eaten there? Is the Wavrly Inn for drinks or food?

        1. re: mossey

          Never been to the Waverly Inn, but based on my one dinner at DBGB so far, it's good and a fair value, though kind of loud.

          1. re: Pan

            That's great to hear thanks. Any more suggestions?

            1. re: mossey

              Well, I don't look for hipness when I eat out, but really for good food, almost to the exclusion of any other criteria. So I'm not sure I'm the person you want recommendations from. I'll say this, though: Balthazar is another brasserie that is still very popular, though it's been around for some time, and it's a quality establishment.

              What other kinds of places are you looking for?

          2. re: mossey

            They have both, but I've only had drinks there. They were great! It's a little bit of a star-f$%ing kind of place I think, but I didn't see any when we were there. Oh, that's not true, I saw some E! reality show "star".