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Sep 10, 2009 08:07 AM

I want breakfast, she wants lunch -- Boston

Hi folks. Where could I take my sweetie to get her a good breakfast in Boston, where I can get a good lunch at the same time? We will want something sit-downy, as romantic as possible for 10:30 AM (we're both flying in and are on different schedules). Any Italian place that opens early in North End?

We could make it to 11, I suppose. I know Union Oyster House opens then and I seem to be one of the people who has had a good experience there. But I still suspect we could do better.

Thanks so much for your help.


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  1. I just did the breakfast/lunch combo thing at Angela's in East Boston. Really close to the airport.

    One in our party ordered the chilequiles (sp) which we swooned over. Said it was better than his mom's version. The rest of us ordered lunch - enchiladas mole, beef burrito, gorditas and tacos arebe. We shared the guac and rajas to start.

    I still have issues with the dry white meat chicken there, but the sauces can't be beat. Just order beef or pork. I also love the meatballs with rice there but decided to branch out this time.

    It's not real romantic, but more than a pleasant atmosphere.

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      We arrived a little after 11 am which is why they could do breakfast and lunch. They also said they would make huevos rancheros for breakfast even though they weren't on the menu.

      1. Angela's is not romantic, though. More like a hole in the wall....

        I like the breakfast at Brasserie Jo. For oyster, Neptune is better than Union Oyster House.
        I think park between North End and Haymarket is pretty romantic. You can grab some sandwhiches and pastries from North End, and sit there and talk.. (they have tables and chairs, not just benches)

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          neptune, like most places, opens at 11.30.

          1. re: hotoynoodle

            Romantic brunch... isn't that a little bit of an oxymoron?

            That being said, how about Henrietta's Kitchen in Harvard. Eggs to order, fresh seafood, carving station.

        2. You could try Damiano's on Hanover, warm yet contemporary, big windows. Very fresh, delicious food, opens at 11 am on Sunday.