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Sep 10, 2009 08:04 AM

Ideas for 40th bday dinner?

A group of about 6 of us will be taking a very good friend out to dinner for her 40th birthday in October. She is flying in from out of town so we want to take her somewhere special as well as fun. Somebody suggested Buddakan, but I've been there a few times and wanted to try somewhere we haven't been before. I thought Waterworks, but it may be a tad too expensive. Does anyone have any thoughts on Twenty Manning? The menu looks interesting. Amada? I know they're two very different places, so which one is more suited to a party of 6 women who will likely be talking and enjoying the evening? We will have a driver so can go almost anywhere... I'm sure most of the ladies will prefer to stay in CC. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Oh, most of the ladies voted for a resto with a bar. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Amada is a sure thing and is always fun if you do the tasting menu (with wine pairing if you choose). i don't think it will be cheaper than Waterworks, though.

    Some other fun birthday places that spring to mind: Xochitl (great drinks), Zahav (fun to share small plates, also pricey), Parc (lively atmosphere), and even though I don't love the food, El Vez is a really fun atmosphere and has great drinks.

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      i would go to amada just for the raised platform area with singular table and benches that would seat 6 comfortably. was there for the first time for lunch a week ago.... delicious though a touch pricey...and kept looking over at the platform wishing i would be in town for a birthday to take over that spot. seems like a great little pocket of space.

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        I've eaten on that platform w/a group of 6 women--really fun. I highly recommend it. For slightly less pricey, you could head to Northern Liberties to Bar Ferdinand. I think Zahav is a great rec too. I've also had really nice group meals at Estia--a little more sedate, but delicious and beautiful.

    2. I always enjoy 20 Manning. It's menu has a variety of pricing options that work for people with contrasting wallet sizes. The cocktails and food has always been good and the service nice. It's very pleasant inside and out for chatting and eating, though inside is a more comfortable for bigger parties.

      I would also suggest

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        Thank you for all of the feedback. The vote is for Twenty Manning... it seemed the one that was the best choice given the "contrasting wallet sizes". Everyone seemed to be pleased with the menu offerings as well. Will report back. Thanks again!