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Sep 10, 2009 07:52 AM

Dutch Crunch rolls/bread

I've checked through the posts and got some great tips of places to go to get a sammich using the legendary Dutch Crunch bread. However, unless I missed something, I was unable to locate the posts where you can go and physically get the bread/rolls yourself.

Is this something I could find at Safeway? Adronicos's? Mollie Stone? Particularly bakery? Id hope for one in the SF city limits.

Thanks alot.

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  1. I get mine at Semifreddi's Kensington and occasionally at the Monterey Market. Semifreddi's in San Francisco distribution link is here. Check with Semifreddi or the market first.

    1. New Royal Bakery in the Excelsior (Mission and Russia in SF) has dutch crunch rolls.

      1. Safeway has them in their bakery. Pretty good and fresh.

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          Thanks, Ill check into that. Appreciate everyone's help!!!