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Sep 10, 2009 07:32 AM

Best Onion Rings?

The "best hamburger" post has had literally hundreds of replies. I can make a hamburger at home (don't need to pay $5+ at Char Hut for something I can do better).

Onion Rings, on the other hand, elude me. I had a disastrous experience trying to make these myself (both a terrible mess, and a terrible result).

So I need recommendations. I'd specifically like to find the big, doughy ones that scream "hand dipped" and homemade. The closest I've found is at Tom Jenkins' BBQ in FLL (but I am careful to order them separately, since you will wait 10 minutes for your lunch if they wait for the rings to be ready before handing it all over the counter). They have a curious yellow corn-meal coloring, and are slightly sweet, but otherwise fit the bill.

I was disappointed by Char-Hut, which was recommended to me for rings. They will undoubtedly appeal to some (they are "skinny rings" - probably more healthy for you than the kind I like). I want the inner-tube kind. Anyone found any?

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  1. J. Alexander's in Boca and Palm Beach Gardens. Outstanding.

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      I was going to mention them too. Here at the Orlando J. Alexanders they pile them high like the leaning tower of Piza. They are delicious though.

      1. In Jax, go to Mojo's BBQ. Nobody else is even close. It's a big order of hand dipped rings w/ a side of ranch. Consistently great, and I'm hooked on the peppery batter they use to dip these in.

        1. The Yard House does a pretty good job with their stack of onion rings.

          1. I can't help with the thick variety. However, for anyone in the SE part of the state that enjoys the thin variation, I can heartily recommend Flanigan's Tumbleweed Onions. Those things are addictive!