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Sep 10, 2009 07:32 AM

Addison, Tx - NEED BBQ

Hi, Sunday- Wednesday next week. Not familiar with the area at all. Addison Texas 75001, staying at the the Crown Plaza. I WANT ME SOME Q! I plan on several q stops while in the area. sadly, don't think I'll be able to sneak away for some soul at one of my best eating experiences ever - Sweet Georgia Brown's, but I'm gonna try. But I WILL be getting me some Texas Q. I don't need to travel too far to get to the BEST in Texas cuz I'm sure that there will be some places closer that will satisfy my urge. I'm from Chicago, and I know that even a decent Texas Q joint will be great since we don't have any real good ones up here. We have good CHICAGO style wood smoked q (which is mostly pork ribs and rib tips) but no really good Texas Q (brisket and turkey and beef sausage - oh man, I can't wait)

What's around for me in Addison, or close-ish to Addison and worth a short drive (will have a car)

Also, what's the name of the bbq chain in the Dallas area where they have servers come around with the baskets of warm yeast rolls?

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  1. That chain you're talking about is Sonny Bryan's, I think there's one off Inwood near the Galleria.

    A new restaurant inside the Belmont Hotel, called Smoke, will be open by the time you're here, if you're willing to brave it out to a freshly opened place. I remember reading a report that chef Tim Byres recently spent some time with Ed Mitchell, pitmaster of The Pit in Raleigh, NC.

    I've been to The Pit and they do know how to smoke a pig, so I hope this new place delivers. We could really use some good BBQ in the metroplex regardless of it being TX/NC style.

    found a website. really can't wait to find out what is on their "scantron" - brisket is listed on their lunch menu!

    Also how is Chicago style different? In NC, the pork had distinct notes of vinegar and mustard.

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      Chicago q is mostly spare ribs, and the meaty, fatty ends known as "rib tips." Sauce is usually tomato / molasses based and sweet. Generally smoked for less amt of time over charcoal and wood. Hot links are usually pork based and heavily seasoned with sage, and red pepper flake. Don't get me wrong, i love Chicago style q, but when I get down to Texas, it's brisket time for me (and I like the turkey also.) Even the mediocre stuff is decent in my book. I rarely get to smoke my own briskets, and there aren't many places that have it up here, so I'm gonna get my fill for sure.

    2. Ok, so I read through the long thread about the Ny'er moving to Addison, and the general consensus was that there's no great bbq in Addison and even in the DFW area as a whole. That's fine. But it still would be relatively good to ME. Liek I said, I don't need the BEST stuff. I'll have limited time on my own, but I will have some time, at least. What's the best stuff I can get around there? Will have a car. Travelling for 30 minutes should not be an issue for dinners.

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        Hard Eight in Coppell. Not the best or most consistent, but definitely central Texas style and smoked in pits.

      2. the bbq chain with the warm rolls is Spring Creek BBQ.

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          Thanks - that one sounds familiar
          You guys probably think it's garbage, but for this Chicago bbq lover, it's still good to me.
          I'd love to be able to travel into "hill country" for some real pit q, but I don't think I'll have the time. Just looking for the best availaible in the Metroplex area. I know it won't be the best Texas has to offer, but I still want it.

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            Actually this should make you drool! The following post has the following list all of them within the DFW Metroplex. Eventhough it is on his list of **** BBQ places I was not impressed with Angelo's in FW.

            Meshack's BBQ Shack in Garland
            Smokey's BBQ in Fort Worth
            Randy's in Red Oak
            Longoria's in Everman
            Off The Bone BBQ in Forest Hill
            Angelo's in Fort Worth

            Clark's Outpost is a bit of a haul from Dallas but I have heard it is worth it. It is also one of the only places I have heard of that serves smoked trout.

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              You could've spent the last 10 years in an ashram in India and you would still say that Spring Creek BBQ sucks.

              Try this place:
              Big Al's Smokehouse BBQ
              3125 Inwood Road • Dallas, Texas 75235
              phone: (214) 350-2649

              Closed on Sunday.

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                Big Al's isn't bad either. Easily better than Sonny Bryan's, Rudy's or Spring Creek.

          2. Spring Creek is a decent baseline experience, especially if you like sweet BBQ sauce. The lunch specials are a solid value. I'm partial to the sausage. I've found Sonny Bryan's to be about as good as Dickey's (not so good).

            My favorite in DFW right now is Railhead in Forth Worth. I liked it much better than Angelo's (although don't order the smoked turkey).

            Big Al's has some tasty beef ribs. Didn't care for the brisket much.

            1. Good BBQ in Dallas? Hah! That's a joke! I say, go South young man. To Taylor, Texas. And eat at Louie Mueller's BBQ. Well worth the hour and half drive each way.