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Sep 10, 2009 07:27 AM

Restaurant that serves Moose dishes in N.E.?

Anyone know?

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  1. You might check out Foster's in New Haven. I know he occasionally serves game meats.

    1. I believe that it is illegal to sell or purchase moose. Has to be farm raised, and I don't know of any farms that have moose.

      1. In Vermont there are several game dinners put on locally that serve moose, venison, bear, beaver, rabbit, wild boar, and chicken for the faint of heart. It usually takes place in mid-November. Look here:

        1. As Simplyput noted, it is illegal to sell wild game, only the farm-raised analogs which fail to approximate the flavor and texture of game, and no one is raising moose because that is currently illegal too. All I can suggest is to visit Quebec City, which is not too far away: many decent restaurants offer farm-raised and wild game and fish like moose, deer, caribou and pickerel.

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            montreal, too. au pied to cauchon for example.

          2. Between Thanksgiving and New Years - the Griswold Inn in Essex has a special game menu for the Christmas celebration - the place gets all dressed up , they have carolers that go to every table - largely on Thurs thru Sun nites- and of course they have their regular menu available - - serve glogg and grog and buttered rum, etc......but depending on what week you might plan to go - RESERVATIONS would be strongly recommended

            I order their Moose tenderloin special dish every year for about the last 15 years - has never disappointed me yet! they generally also have other game during that special menu time - venison, pheasant, etc......

            You can see a quick description at their website.,,,, as we get closer to the holidays I expect they will post the details of their game menu.....