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Sep 10, 2009 07:21 AM

Chinese Sizzling rice dish / soup

I used to enjoy the Sizzling rice dishes at Champion House before its downturn and eventual closure. I have not seen it at any Chinese restaurants since. Could anyone recommand a place where it can be order?


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  1. China House on Eglinton has it.

    1. If you're refering to the crackling rice dish where they bring out a thick soup/sauce and pour it over "fried" rice it's a common dish at northern chinese or szechuan restaurants.

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        Any specific restaurants you can recommand?

        1. re: jdavis2ca

          That used to be my favourite dish at China House, as a kid. As the years passed, though, we used to remark that the soup broth (which was not thick at all, by the way) could have been dish water, since it lacked much in the way of flavour and complexity. I hope it has improved, since that was probably 20 years ago, but China House is more a Forest Hill institution than an authentic representative of the cuisines of China. I'd love to have that soup again at another restaurant that IS an authentic representation of Sichuan or Northern regional Chinese cuisine. Any recommendations would be most appreciated.