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Sep 10, 2009 07:09 AM

Grote & Weigel, Hummel, Copaco -- where to buy in CT?

Looking to buy some Grote & Weigel or Hummel franks or Copaco salamis -- can you name me any supermarkets (or meat markets) that carry any of these brands in Central Connecticut?

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  1. Geissler's (various locations) should carry G&W franks.

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    1. re: rudysmom

      I am not familiar with Copaco, but Hummel and G&W are available at Stop & Shop here in New Haven, so I would assume the other S&S would have them

    2. Grote & Weigel are available almost anywhere. Both the Stop & Shops I frequent (West Hartford & Newington) have them. As far as Copaco salamis, I believe they went out of business. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

      1. Big Y Supermarket sells Grote & Weigel meat and beef franks. I bought Grote & Weigel meat franks at the Big Y in Walpole MA. I found them in the hot dog/bacon area. They were not in the deli area at the Walpole store. There are several Big Y Supermarkets in CT.

        1. Stop and Shop on Fenn Rd. in Newington has Hummels. The ones with skins in the packages of 8 do not taste as good as the ones in the 3 lb. boxes.

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            Yes to the question about Copaco ,they went out of business a while ago. The othe two brands of hot dogs are available in the Manchester and East Hartford Stop and Shop stores

          2. Grote & Weigel and Hummel franks are both readily available in most major supermarkets in Central CT. No need to stress about it.