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Sep 10, 2009 07:02 AM

Best burrito in the city...

So the old age discussion of the best burrito in the city, I have come to a new conclusion. It's not burrito boys, or big fat burrito. It's cumbreas! Beautifully grilled chicken breast, a really nice cheddar. Good amount of beans, lovely shell. My only complain is the hot sauce, so if you supplement that with your own salsa verde, it is far far superior than the commercial burritories out there. And it won't leave you feeling like crap after like (I get heavy and sickish after having BB).

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  1. Burrito Boyz is absolutely disgusting so its good to hear there is some competition out there now. One question, is the tortilla home or locally made? I'm interested to try it out if it is.

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    1. re: Matt H

      I have to disagree. I love Burrito Boyz, especially the halibut burrito. I would suggest that Quesada is probably a good second place spot. Also of note is the burrito that the guy at the Brickworks market makes, it's very delicious.

      1. re: SMOG

        Second that! Love the Hali at BB, but it does make for an upset stomach soon after! I have been making my own at home, with chicken, steak or fish, and I find the best thing about it is the large 12" tortilla wraps I get from Kengsington Market. They look identical to the ones used at BB. They are are big enough to stuff to your hearts content!

    2. Would have to agree. Burrito Boys makes me feel sick after eating as well.

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      1. re: verytasty

        I was SO DISAPPOINTED having just been there for the first and last flavourless...asked for hot and was pedestrian....a place near me just went out of business, Gordito Burrito..bad location but their burritos had twice the flavour this place did.

      2. Chipotle Mexican Grill has become my favorite for burritos and tacos. Ingredients are very fresh and tasty. it's on Yonge just North of Dundas on the East side.

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        1. re: Nemesis

          Really? No I mean Really? Do you think Taco Bell has the best Taco? I'm sorry it's just not very often you see chain restaraunts getting props on here. I'm slightly shocked!

          1. re: LexiFirefly

            Be careful about dumping on Chipotle without ever having eaten there because it's a "chain restaurant". First of all, if being a "chain restaurant" makes something bad by default someone ought to tell that to Tom Colicchio, Todd English, Wolfgang Puck, Mario Batali, Michael Mina and a host of other well known chefs who are making millions chaining their award-winning restaurants all over the US (trust me, the food at those "chains" does not suck). Second of all, I suggest you read up on Chipotle's food philosophy; for example the fact that they're using free-range, drug free meat goes a LONG way in my book and puts them way ahead of the majority of other restauarants in North America. Go in there sometime and have a look at what they're doing, you'll likely be impressed. The kitchen is open, you'll get to stand there and watch them constantly making everything fresh, from scratch, to order [Employees are instructed to make whatever the customer wants, even if it's not on the menu. Don't believe me? Order some carnita nachos and watch what happens]. And when you get right down to it, they still make the best burrito I've had yet in this city (I moved here from California, I know what a burrito is supposed to be).

              1. re: LexiFirefly

                Chipotle is fantastic, definitely the best Mission-style burrito you're going to get in this city, and I have friends from Cali with access to all kinds of Mission-style burritos who happily eat at Chipotle.

                Not only will they make whatever you want, they'll make it any way you want. I was in line behind some guy who looked like a football player and who had asked them to make the most overstuffed burrito they possibly could. It ended up being the size of a sandwich loaf of bread, they had to use three tortillas to contain it. Everyone was in awe...and they didn't charge him a dime extra.

                1. re: childofthestorm

                  "...and they didn't charge him a dime extra."

                  This quite possibly is the most important nugget of information in this entire thread.

                  1. re: childofthestorm

                    I was pretty impressed by Chipotle and as my meal was starting to unfold, I was hoping not to like it.
                    I didn't like the no queso on the menu. I didn't like the drinks were one size fits all. I didn't like the seating. But the burrito won me over.


              2. Burrito Boyz is brutal.. not a fan at all except for the griddling of the burrito

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                1. re: duckdown

                  I don't understand. Why is everyone so down on Burrito Boyz? One thing not liking it, but why so much hate?? I think it's one of the best assembled and most flavourful burritos out there. I need to understand!

                  1. re: SMOG

                    For me, personally, everything about the atmosphere to the greasy slop they put inside

                    don't even get me started on their annoying soup-nazi-esque ordering style and attitude (im speaking of the Mississauga location at least)

                    The last time I had a steak burrito, I gave it a little squeeze after taking a few bites and so much grease and crap came out of it I didn't even finish it... and on top of that I don't really find it to be super flavorful like you mentioned.. *shrug* to each their own of course

                    If I had to pick a place I'd say El Sombrero but I think the portions are getting smaller there (definitely if the new young kid is working) and the stuff not always as fresh (probably a sign of the times)


                    1. re: duckdown

                      I know specifically what your talking about at the mississauga location. It is quite reminiscent to the soup-nazi or almost even Johnny burger style of ordering.

                      possibly one of the things with johnny burger is that all the yelling is in incoherent broken english, so you don't really realizes the condescending tones.

                      However, I enjoy the nostalgia of it. And specifically, at the burrito boys port credit location, its usually the one girl who is quite aggressive with your order. It actually turns me on...

                      1. re: Jamie Eats Burgers

                        This must be part of the Burrito Boyz training then. The Adelaide and former John locations all had service with loud sighs and eye rolls. I have seen customers be ridiculous when ordering "a little more, a little more, a little more...NO NO THAT'S TOO MUCH!"or people talking on cell phones during ordering with long line ups which would be annoying on the other side of the counter. But the condecending attitude seemed consistant regardless of who was ordering.

                        The quality of Boyz seemed to go downhill about 3 years back. The freshness and quality of produce seemed sketcy and the sauces seemed more blad. Aside from some chewy bits in the meat I've never had issues with grease there. The snarky staff was sory amusing when the product was good, but when the burritos went downhill it became irritating and I have not been back.

                        I did have a pretty good burrito at the new Burrito Bandidos in the annex recently. Despite being rooted in half of the old Burrito Boyz the service was super friendly. The quality of the ingredients was really solid and fresh, the sauces were decent and seemed better than my last memory of Boyz. I'd return for another steak burrito if in the area.

                        1. re: abigllama

                          I haven't seen any decline in quality nor freshness since they've opened. I've also found the staff to be fairly friendly, but when someone isn't paying attention nor picking up their order, they can get a little short. Having said that, I actually like that and appreciate that they do that. The fact is that they're insanely busy and it takes time to make each order customized and then grill it. If I'm waiting for 10 mins for my food with 50 other people and some clown is holding everyone up because he's on the phone, or isn't listening for his order #, then the dude deserves a yelling at! They need to keep the operation efficient. And obviously some people need to be told aggressively.

                          1. re: SMOG

                            A friend dragged me back to Burrito Boys before a moive at Scotia the other day and it was really good. Staff were super friendly and it was back to how I remember it early on. Would gladly go back and hope they keep this up.

                            SMOG fully agree about the doddlers needing aggressive guidance there. I've seen people waiting in 10 minute line ups gabbing on phone and get to counter and then say they're not sure what they want yet while still talking on phone. The snarky stuff was random and eye rolling or loud sighs were the norm on a couple visits. I order a burrito with everything on it..simple to the point and and still got the loud sigh. Possibly there were issues behind the scenes. Staff looked new and service was pleasant and efficient on last visit so the issue seems to have been resolved.

                            1. re: abigllama

                              Question: Is there a time during lunch on a week day when it's not a 10 minute line-up? Does going at 1pm help?

                    2. re: SMOG

                      Where do I start? Under seasoned meats, bagged processed cheese, stale shell and flavorless salsa. When you ask them to go easy on the sauces it is flavorless, but when you ask for everything on the burrito it is overly greasy and much too heavy. Plus they are not using anything that tastes like fresh ingredients.

                      Even though I do respect authenticity I will never be one of those people that comes on the board and says "This is not how they do it in Cali, blah blah , blah" but a bad burrito is a bad burrito by any standard, even in TO which isn't exactly a mecca for this type of cooking.

                      Yeah and the service sucks too, but I'm not here to convince anyone but you asked : )

                      1. re: Matt H

                        Fair enough. I can't say I've ever seen any grease, it's always been very clean. Are you talking about the Toronto (Adelaide) location? Wondering if it's just certain locations.

                        As for authenticity, any "burrito place" is far from authentic. Authentic doesn't put all that stuff in and the rice and beans are always on the side.

                        1. re: SMOG

                          Been to the Adelaide location once and it didn't seem greasy to me.

                          1. re: SMOG

                            Yes the Toronto locations, both the old location and on Adelaide (I tried to give them another chance). I understand what you are saying about authenticity, but they are attempting to model this after a Mission style burrito, so authentic as in SF not Mexico. As I said though I am not one to compare, because we are talking about Burritos in TO here, apples to oranges really.

                            As far as the service is concerned that is actually the least of my complaints. I don't mind people being short when warranted. I guess when they are short it is harder to accept when the product is as mediocre as it is there.

                          2. re: Matt H

                            I just had it for the first time and could not understand the 10-15 minute wait when i was #3 and the first in the queue at 1130 in the morning...i did not experience greasy, but did experience lack of flavour..ingredients did look fresh but again lack of flavour.

                      2. This is Cumbrae's as in the butcher on Church? I have not been in for awhile but didn't see burritos there on last visit about a month ago.