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Sep 10, 2009 06:01 AM

I did a search but still need Baltimore rec's

Being a diligent Chowhound, I searched this board for a couple hours to get some ideas for an upcoming trip to Baltimore.

That said, I would still appreciate any additional thoughts you might have on places to dine with between 8 to 15 people (number will vary with each meal). We are staying in the Inner Harbor/CamdenYards for three nights. Two of them we plan to eat supper at Camden Yards at ball games. Went last year and loved Boog's BBQ.

Would like to keep cars parked at the hotel and use feet, public transport, regular and water taxis to take us to restaurants.

So far what I have come across:

Breakfast/Brunch: Miss Shirley's, Hull Street Blues
Crabcakes: Faidley's in Lexington Market
Small plates: Mezze
Italian: Isabella's, Someone I know recommended Da Mimmo's.

Would love your thoughts on these as well as other fun, casual spots for American fare, pizza, Italian, burgers, steak. We are also thinking of going to Ft. McHenry for a visit.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. little italy is walkable from where you are...might be fun to hop around and try a few different places. go to chiapparelli's for the house salad, rocco for pasta, vaccaro for dessert. For steak the best choice would be the prime rib but it is very pricey and not exactly walkable from where you're staying. dionysus (again, not exactly walkable) has good pizza, albeit not amazing, but it is a good casual bar type spot with pretty good food.

    1. Two places within easy walking distance of the stadium: Frank and Nic's, and Sullivan's Steak House.

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        I wouldn't bother with either of those.

        Instead walk down to Federal Hill. Corks is great and reasonable new American. Oysters and other seafood at Ryleigh's is well worth the visit. If you go to Fort McHenry, stop at Luca's in Locust Point for pizza.

        What nights will you be here? That can make a difference.

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          Thanks for the rec's so far. We will be there Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Especially looking for a good Sunday morning breakfast/brunch spot for a good send off.

      2. Directly on the light rail, which runs right past Camden Yards and uptown is Woodberry Kitchen, about a 15 min ride. It's in an old mill building, a beautiful space and offers mostly local food that is well-prepared. A little less expensive than Mezze, and definitely casual. They serve brunch on weekends and dinner, don't know about lunch.

        For Italian, Isabella's is great for lunch, don't know that they even serve dinner. Da Mimmo's serves good food, but I don't care for the atmosphere (too stuffy) or the prices. For about the same price, you could go to Cinghiale (walkable from the Harbor), which is great, great Italian (not casual, but not stuffy), or to Sotto Sopra (same, food not quite as good as Cinghiale). For a bit less, you could go to Pazza Luna, which is roughly midway between downtown and Fort McHenry.

        1. In the Fort McHenry area, you may want to check out Cap't Larry's for well above average bar food, and a very good crabcake. Plus, they offer the beloved local beer, Resurrection, on tap. A real neighborhood bar, with friendly locals.

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            The fish tacos are also yummy there.

          2. If you're headed over to Ft. McHenry, you're not too far from the Wine Market, which is a terrific spot.

            For pizza, I like Iggie's in Mt. Vernon (a short cab or bus ride from Camden Yards, BYOB but with two liquor stores in walking distance). If you go to Federal Hill, Pub Dog also has good pizza.

            If you're staying in the Inner Harbor, the Inner Harbor East dining scene is one of the best in the city: