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Sep 10, 2009 05:05 AM

Best Mussel dish in Toronto?

I'm craving some fresh mussels, can anyone help?

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    1. re: downtownfoodie

      Isn't that what closed some time ago and is now Globe Bistro?

      If you're just after basic mussels, I had some at Smokeless Joe's a couple of weeks ago that were decent - many different flavoring options. Could've used some frites, but they don't have a fryer. :(

    2. Beer Bistro has a varied selection of mussels paired w/ their beers.

      Beer Bistro
      18 King St. E, Toronto, ON M5C 1C4, CA

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      1. re: aser

        My husband loves the mussels at Beer Bistro - specifically the nacho ones (jalapeno, hot peppers and cream are the main components). He says they are amazing and he can never deviate from this exact order! The frites are very good as well.

      2. I can't say from first hand experience, but I was told that the mussels at Beer Bistro are pretty good. And the fries were nice and crisp (these, I tried). If I remember correctly, there are 4 or 6 choices for the sauce.

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        1. re: blue bike

          The mussels and frites at Frank, the restaurant at the AGO I have had twice now for weekend brunch and they are great. Also comes with clams. Large portion, cool atmosphere, under $20 (I want to say $14 but not 100% sure on that).
          I also like the mussels at Le Paradis a lot, totally different atmosphere but also really good.
          Come to think of it, I can't remember a bad mussel dish I've had in Toronto, though if they come with more than 2 still closed I tend to be suspicious.

        2. This may not be a popular response, but I had some recently at Il Fornello; they were served in a tomato-fennel sauce, and I have to say I enjoyed them very much.

          1. The best mussels I have had in Toronto in recent memory have been at Beer Bistro and Frank. The ones from Frank stand out in my mind in particular and come with frites.

            At Beer Bistro there are a few different kinds, I had one with butternut squash.