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Sep 10, 2009 03:15 AM

Head of the Charles Regatta

Back dear friends in Boston...
Last spring dear son and I stayed at the Hyatt at Corsstown and LOVED Boston--looked at alot of schools and ate well...

We will be back during the Head of the Charles--

So knowing a ton of people decend on your fine town-please tell me
as far as hotel
I have 2 reservations
1 at Le Meridein on I think its Sidney? in Cambridge and
1 at the Courtyard Marriott near the end of Magazine Beach, Cambridge on Memorial Drive

Opinions of which to choose?

Knowing that..
advice for dinners, Fri and Sat...
we loved the T and wondered if there are parts of town far less crowded during the 3 days of visitors

We eat everything--our last visit included Ethipian (ok but not as good as my favs in Wash DC), some amazing sushi, some hot pot, some Itl/seafood in the northend, a couple of good steak nights...

I think in the end my son is gong to pick Boston for college ;o)

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  1. Hello, for hotels, its depends on what the focus is, Le Meridian on Sydney will be closer to night life, lots of food options and the T. It is right next to MIT Campus so lots going on. It is a farther shlep to the river for the Regatta. Courtyard on the other hand is "on the River" but farther from other things to do and a pretty far walk from the T . Your T stop will be on the Red Line which will take you into Harvard Sq which you are right will be packed! Past Harvard will be both Davis and Porter both with great dining options. In the other direction on the Red line you can go into Beacon Hill, Downtown, Park Street station where you can walk to almost anywhere in the city. Lots of options.

    1. Definitely stay at the Meridien. In that area for food is Green St., Central kitchen, Rendezvous, Baraka Cafe, 1369 Coffee, Four Burgers, etc. Salts for a fancy dinner. Close to the T whereas the other one's a pain.

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        Also Craigie on Main across from Salts, Toscannini's Ice Cream.

        1. re: Taralli

          Definitely Le Meridian. You'll be more in Central Square right off Mass Ave-- it's easy to head up to Harvard Square if you want the full-on crowds and easy to get away from if you don't. You can walk to the part of the river where the races take place in about 20 mins, or you can walk over the river to Boston also in about 20 mins... and be in Back Bay before you know it.

      2. YOU GUYS ROCK!!
        I soo appreciate the boards here--as we had done our homework and so our spirng break of 8 days and a bunch of schools--and ALL the restaurants worked great (we happened to be there restaurant week--but only had lunch at one in the Market area..)

        So being a foodie with a foodie 16 yr old young man in tow..I said we'd eat anywhere except that hotpot place because I didn't like coming out with a broth facial and smelling ike food (no washer dryer in our hotel room ;o))

        anyway--Le Meridien it is
        --we fly in Thursday--so any ideas for breakfast..or should we eat at the hotel?
        He practices Fri mid day
        ..then we have Fri and Sat eve...He rows Sunday am..and sniff....we leave...

        so gotta pick 1 breakfast, 2 dinners ..I hear that the food carts/trucks outside of MIT are good? (at least thats what the students post on-line)
        Where is that because it sounds like an option for after his pratice row on Friday...or is that "too college" --

        also--is lobster still "in-season" in mid Oct--
        certainly there are shellfish options--I forget the name of the palce thats tiny but supposed to be good (northern end)--we tried to get in last time but it was CRAMMED before a game--might try again Fri...

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        1. re: fogfog

          Most of the food trucks have left by 2pm or so from MIT, they're a lunch thing...

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            Try Friendly Toast in Kendall Square (Cambridge) for breakfast -- fun and funky with good food (and lots of it). We had a good family breakfast there yesterday, with ages ranging from 5 years old to 65.

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              I second the Friendly Toast, with the caveat that the wait can be very, very long, and on top of that the kitchen can be very slow (took 45 minutes to get our food after ordering on a recent Saturday around noon). Get there early, or be prepared to wait.

            2. re: fogfog

              I'd take your son to Brookline Lunch for breakfast. Very cheap, a diner with nice touches like homemade hot sauce & jam, big portions, great hummus & falafel. Just around the corner from your hotel.

            3. OK
              Digging through my notes (I printed them--from my spring trip and your reccs..)
              Are these still open and still recommended...
              We will stay at Le Meridien--behind MIT and not far from Central Sq T

              Ginza for sushi -Chinatown

              Neptune Oyster
              Antico Forno

              Anna Taqueria
              Miracle of Science




              Are any of these better picks and less likely to be crowded by HOCR?

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                Those are all still open. Neptune is usually always crowded. Silvertone too but not as bad. Marliave isn't so crowded. Atasca usually isn't but isn't too far from the river so it may change that weekend. Miracle of Science is very close to your hotel and serves breakfast and brunch, might be good for that meal you want on Thurs. The above restaurants I mentioned are very convenient to the hotel and many take reservations.

                1. re: Joanie

                  Craigie on Main, Rendez-vous, and Central Kitchen are extremely close to your hotel also. All good dinner places. A lot of has been written about them on these boards, especially Craigie on Main which is the newest and foodie-est.

                2. re: fogfog

                  I'd steer clear of Ginza for sushi. Instead you might consider Uni at the Eliot Hotel, it's a little pricey but so worth it, even worth facing possible Regatta crowds. Plus it's easy to get to via the #1 bus on Mass Ave across the river, at the corner of Mass Ave and Comm Ave.

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                    If you want to try Neptune, it is less crowded at lunch. Same menu (and prices) as at dinner. If you sit at the counter/bar, there probably won't be much of a wait.

                  2. Thank you so much. Like my trip in March--I am going to get the names/addresses etc and be armed with those --dear son and I would rather have a great meal away from the crowds--especially since between Fri practice and watching the races Sat..we will probably end up eating at either the "food court" near reunion village on the Soldiers Field side or some vendor Cambridge side for a decent meal at the end of each day is a reward. ;o)