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Sep 10, 2009 01:28 AM

best store or retailer carrying wild mushrooms in Vancouver

Just wanted to know if anybody can suggest a good wild mushroom store or retailer in Vancouver - I'm looking for some chanterelles and lobster mushrooms right now and later on some matsutakes. I think in the past I have seen matsutakes in Granville Island but am hoping to see if there are other suggestions on where to get them. Thanks.

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  1. I only know of the guy that sets up his booth at GI (inbetween Longliner Seafood and the flower shop). He's not there every day, but I just looked at the packaging for some of the dried mushrooms that I've bought from him and there are a couple telephone numbers if you like. If I recall correctly, he's from the Island, and comes in to the city every once in a while.

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    1. The farmers markets get a bit "hit and miss" in the winter - I've noticed that Urban Fare (at least the Alberni location) and Whole Foods (Park Royal) carry quite a wide selection of mushrooms I've seen chanterelles and lobster mushrooms at both stores and I think I saw matsutake mushrooms at both of them as well (not all the time though).

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        1. This is a good post. matsutakes in Granville Island is the best place for you as far as my knowledge.
          [url=""]van... flowers[/url]

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            If you are looking specifically for matsutake - there is a greengrocer close to the corner of Commercial and 1st that often has them during the season (next to the poultry shop). It is significantly cheaper than all the usual suspects. They often have inexpensive chanterelle and others.

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              That's Triple AAA produce. Norman's down the street gets chanterelles, but, frankly. I'm very concerned about the source of some of these cheap wild mushrooms that are popping up in stores such as those - there's a lot of random pillaging going on in the name of a fast buck.

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                Right - Triple AAA - I can never remember the name of that place. Yes - the source is questionable...but the mushrooms I have purchased there - while not top notch- have been pretty good in quality. I bought some great chanterelle there a few weeks ago. In this case, I did ask about the source - it was a native band that brought them in from the interior.

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                  hmmmmm, I'm sticking with my original thought that the harvest can, at best, be described as "pillaging" and, at worst, a scorched earth harvest - You know, a fungal clear-cut!

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                    For sure hrhsheba - I am with you on the fungal clear cutting. Not to belabour the point, I guess I will need to see reassurances that the "legit" purveyors are also following sustainable practices.

                    From what I know about the mushroom harvest season, brokers set up near popular mushroom picking areas with a table and a scale and merely pay mostly itinerant pickers for their harvest. If the picking happens in disallowed areas (eg National and Provincial Parks) then I would have a problem with this. Picking is allowed in Indian Reserve lands, however (not to say that that in itself means this practice is sustainable).

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